Our Vision

We want to inspire more, better and happier players within hockey and we strongly believe that coaching plays a pivotal role in this. Therefore, we are committed to supporting and developing coaches to become the best they can possibly be. The coaches will in turn give every participant a quality hockey experience. So, whether you are a club coach, school coach or someone who volunteers at a hockey session, there is support available to you.



The Hockey Hub is a FREE one-stop shop, packed full of useful hockey resources. Whether you coach beginners, work with young, talented players or coach at a one team senior club, there is relevant content available to suit your needs. The Hockey Hub also has sections for teachers and umpires too!

Once registered, you will be able to gain insight from senior coaches and players while learning how you can apply the Golden Thread to your coaching sessions. You can also engage with other coaches on our interactive forum as well as much more.

Working collectively across England, Scotland and Wales under the banner of GB has led to the ‘GB Coaching Offer’; a guiding and interactive digital document that forms part of an annual programme of coach development opportunities. The Offer has been designed to provide support to coaches in identifying the best opportunities for them and their respective pathway, brought to life through videos and animations. Whether you’re a coach introducing someone to the game for the first time, working with a club side or coaching within a performance environment, the Offer is here to guide and support you to be the best you can be, for yourself and those you coach.


Central to the performance pathway and ‘What it Takes to Win’ are player experiences, competencies and the environments required to develop World Class performers. 

Partnering with the Performance Pathways team, a joint collaboration between the EIS and UK Sport, hockey has designed a Talent Development Framework (TDF). This framework supports the delivery of optimal player development experiences by delivering bespoke curricula, making best practice common practice and informing the development of future generations of players.

For Hockey across Great Britain, we have a developed a clear and consistent understanding of the key underpinning characteristics of world-leading hockey players, which we call the ‘End in Mind’. This profile underpins our talent and performance pathway design and delivery, along with our coach development programmes across Great Britain.

To guide how the sport, practitioners and coaches develop this next generation of hockey players, both on and off the pitch, Great Britain Hockey have developed a Talent Development Framework to:

  • Provide a common language for the development of players through the talent pathway across Great Britain
  • Allow for a shared understanding to guide player development
  • Empower coaches to become the architects of learning environment
  • Offer a reference point for decision-making in the design of coaching practices, training sessions, and development environments

To bring to life Great Britain Hockey’s Talent Development mission statement of “strategically delivering World leading development experiences”, the aim of GB Hockey’s TDF is: ‘To allow best practice to become common practice, from early talent development to sub-senior context across GB.’

We acknowledge that the development journey to becoming a world-class hockey player is a complex, non-linear and unique to each player. Therefore, the TDF is not intended to be a definitive ‘manual’ for prescriptive delivery of hockey. But instead, provide a guiding framework as to the experiences and environments developing players require to flourish and progress through the talent pathway, while ensuring delivery of these hockey experiences are as closely aligned as possible to developing future world-leading players. To access the Talent Development Framework document, click here:


Regardless of which level you want to coach at, Hockey Wales offers something for everyone! If you feel you have the desire and ability to coach at a senior international level, developing the future talent or you want to get stuck in within a club environment working with juniors or adults, there is a wide-ranging education and training programme to suit your needs and support you.

To find the right learning opportunity for you take a look at the ‘Great Britain Coaching Offer’ above. 

Hockey Wales is proud to offer a Coaches Membership. This is currently priced at £24.00 and covers your affiliation to Hockey Wales, provides civil liability insurance to the value of £1,000,000 as well as other membership benefits.

It also has the advantage of giving you capital benefits of £10,000 whilst coaching at any club or school.

It is extremely important that your club affiliates you as a coach on the Hockey Wales membership system (My Hockey Wales).  The fee for coaching membership will be included in their annual fee.

For individuals not associated to a club, they can get the same benefits from registering as an independent Hockey Coach member.

To find out more, simply visit our Membership page.

Whilst coaching, it is your responsibility to make sure you are covered for any and all activities undertaken. Insurance is there for a reason; to protect you and the people you coach.

Additional to the previously mentioned civil liability and capital benefits insurance, additional Coaching insurance is available for £55.65.

More information about insurance cover can be found here

If you intend to work with children whilst coaching hockey, then it’s recommended that you undertake a DBS Enhanced Check.

For more information on the process, please contact Chris Brewer.

For more information, feel free to drop us a line and ask us more about any aspects of coaching. You can email us here or call on 0300 300 3126.