Part of VISION 2020 is to ensure quality hockey opportunities are provided throughout Wales, this means offering hockey provision to a wide range of people. Hockey Wales appreciate that to date we have done very little to engage those with a disability – this is about to change!

Following discussions with FDSW (Disability Sport Wales) and as part of our commitment to equality Hockey Wales are pleased to announce that we have started the ‘insport’ journey as an NGB.

The insport NGB programme is part of the broader insport project, which aims to support the physical activity, sport, and leisure sectors delivering inclusively of disabled people. Disability Sport Wales know that no one understands a sport better than the sport itself, and so the principle behind insport NGB is for DSW to develop a Toolkit which will support the development of inclusive thinking, planning, development and delivery by everyone within the NGB so that ultimately they will deliver across the spectrum to disabled and non-disabled people, at whatever level they wish to participate or compete.


The first and arguably the most important phase of the journey is the Ribbon stage. For this we have a look where we are currently as a National Governing Body in relation to what we offer people with a disability, ensure a ‘buy in’ from the staff team and all three boards (North and South Regional Boards, and National Hockey Wales Board), and communicate to our clubs and membership the intent to ensure that Hockey is a sport that can cater for a wider range of people across communities.

In March 2016 Hockey Wales achieved insport Ribbon, a big step forward for disability hockey in Wales, and now the organisation strives to continue and build on this work on their way to insport Bronze.

Equality Human Rights Commission (EHRC) Grant

Hockey Wales have recently received a grant from the EHRC to work with 6 clubs across Wales to help them develop specific session for children with a learning disability. The clubs will also work through insport club and receive specialist training to ensure they are providing a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment for those with a disability.We are hoping that the clubs will be well spread geographically giving more disabled people the opportunity to access an inclusive hockey club.If you are a member of a club and want to find out more about how you can become an inclusive club please get in touch.

Inclusive Clubs

The following clubs have achieved the Federation of Disability Sport Wales (FDSW) insport Ribbon standard and offer inclusive opportunties for children and adults with a disability:

  1. Bangor Hockey Club
  2. Colwyn Bay Hockey Club
  3. Dowlais Ladies Hockey Club
  4. Fishguard and Goodwick Hockey Club
  5. Rhondda Ladies Hockey Club

The following clubs are part of the EHRC project and are offering specific sessions for children ages between 11-18 with learning disabilities: