GB Hockey has evolved their coaching offer based on significant research and feedback from coaches. This has led to a move away from a hierarchical qualifications based system to one that is player centred and learning led.
From our research we know that the formal learning “courses” are not the preferred method of learning for many and that coaches feel that these traditional approaches have limited impact on their coaching practice. Our coaches have told us that they like to learn through communities of practice, peer interaction, mentoring, observation (informal learning) and environment specific workshops.Therefore we have developed this amazing two year coach development programme that will move coaches’ delivery from good to great and will support them to inspire more, better and happier players in their chosen coaching environment.

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To develop coaches who are highly skilled in working with children, adult club players and talented young people.


By being part of the Advanced Coach Programme, coaches will…

  • Improve their knowledge and understanding of the game; both technically and tactically
  • Advance their coaching practice through greater understanding and application of the Golden Thread and National Development Themes
  • Be equipped to regularly self reflect and analyse their coaching practice and behaviours to positively affect player improvement for the long term
  • Grow as a coach by being part of a safe learning community in which check and challenge are encouraged and supported
  • Understand the key reasons why people play hockey and use this to create truly motivational learning environments and stronger coach, athlete relationships
  • Become more creative, open minded and prepared to raise the bar with their coaching
  • Have increased connections within the hockey coaching community
  • On successful completion, graduate with an Advanced Coach Licence

The Advanced Coach Programme is for any active coaches who are genuinely keen to advance their coaching for the benefit of their players and the sport.


Coaches must be committed to personal development, open to feedback, excited about learning and interested in applying the GB Coaching philosophy in their sessions.

The Advanced Coach Programme not only replaces the previous UKCC Level 3 but also goes beyond the bounds of the previous qualification. As such, you must have at least a Level 2, Sessional or Coach qualification to be eligible to participate.

The blended nature of this Programme means that this is also suitable for coaches who have completed or are completing the previous UKCC Level 3.

Whilst there will be an emphasis on talent development, because of the modular format of the programme, coaches do not have to be working with players at any set level or in any particular environment.

By joining the programme, coaches will be agreeing to attend and engage in all of the compulsory central days (three per cycle) and also to complete the four core workshops which will be delivered on a regional basis.

We are looking for coaches who are not only motivated to progress themselves, but also prepared to give something back to the sport and to support other coaches during and after the programme. This will ensure that each cohort will leave a legacy in their local hockey community.

Following further evolvement of the Coach Development pathway across Great Britain, we are delighted to announce the launch of the Great Britain Advanced Coach Programme, which will replace the previous UKCC Level 3.

The Programme will provide a two-year challenge for a limited number of coaches offering structured development and learning that will stretch and develop them as coaches, within their chosen coaching sphere or spheres. The aim of the programme is to help coaches to improve their coaching practice with the ultimate aspiration of developing more, better and happier hockey players.

This is not about certificates, this is about improving coaching; growing more effective coaches, embedding a climate of continuous self-improvement and forging long term coaching connections within hockey through ongoing mentoring and support. The curriculum will be modular and will meet the needs of coaches that are working in many different environments; some of which will cross over. Therefore, the cross-curricular approach will address the demands of coaching within junior participation, talent pathway, talent development, club participation and performance domains.

The structure will be coach centred and should provide exactly what they need. The learning on offer will be segmented, layered and modular. Some workshops will be compulsory and others will be chosen from a broad list of topic areas and delivered at a Pick ‘n’ Mix conference. There will also be plenty of optional online extras to enrich the progress of the learner and learners will be free to document their own learning journey in their e-scrapbook.

A GB Hockey appointed mentor will help steer the learner and will be a key part of the whole process. A locally based role model will be used to bring some of the more theoretical modules to life through session observations. Throughout the whole Programme peer support and interaction will be an essential factor, whether virtually or in person, and can be used according to the needs and aims of each individual learner.

Coaches will graduate from the programme with a licence recognising their commitment to development and new coaching expertise, combined with an action plan for their onward journey. This in turn will build strong attachments and will service the needs of our sport in an optimal way. The programme will draw recognition for the quality of coaches it produces.



The learning on offer will be segmented, layered and modular. Some workshops will be compulsory and others will be chosen from a broad list of topic areas and delivered at a Pick ‘n’ Mix conference.

Below is the list of workshops that will be on offer for the 2017 cohort


5 compulsory workshops:

  1. Golden Thread, CHANGEIT and Skill Acquisition
  2. Attacking Principles
  3. Defensive Principles
  4. Motivational Climate and Learning Environment
  5. Coaching GKs in Contextual Settings


Choose 3 other “Pick ‘n’ Mix” modules delivered by workshop and self guided learning:

  1. Talent Development and Non-linear Pedagogy
  2. Coaching Style, Engagement and Leadership
  3. Performance Playing Principles
  4. Culture, Values and Dynamics within Teams
  5. Video Analysis and its Use
  6. Planning and Managing a Programme
  7. Children’s Coaching
  8. Young People
  9. Club Coaching and Building a League Team

25th June 2017

Induction and Workshop 1 at The World League, Lee Valley, Olympic Park, London

Applications for the 2017 cohort will open in February 2017.

To register an interest and be notified when applications are open, please complete the survey HERE