We’d like to invite you, our valued Hockey Family to participate in a very exciting experiment; one that’ll help to shape the future direction of Hockey in Wales.

Sport Wales are kindly supporting us, both financially and practically to design and implement new ways of discovering what matters to the people that matter most in our sport – our members!

In the past we’ve tried to develop strategies for our sport using well-established and familiar methods. We’ve asked you to complete conventional surveys, using the results to scale up plans and proposals to try to meet the needs of the average member. We’ve tried to use data such as national team results and overall membership figures to keep tabs on the current health of the sport. I am sure you will agree with us that neither method is the best way to agree what’s best for the future of our sport.

So…we’re trying something different, and we really need your help!

We want to know your experiences of our sport, both the good and the bad. This is the crucial first step towards creating the future of Hockey in Wales together.


Specifically, we’re going to ask you to contribute a story/stories about your own personal experiences of Hockey in Wales. Using a method invented right here in Wales, we’d like to ask you to follow the link below and take part in this experiment. We’re proud to be the sports first governing body in the country to be using this innovative approach.



Put simply, we will be convening open sessions around Wales to have an honest dialogue with our members about the future possibilities for our sport. All stories collected will remain anonymous to us and there will be no formal agenda, and this isn’t a ‘consultation’ exercise. We want us to make sense, together, of the results of the experiment and to talk about what we should do next. We are very excited about taking this step; a first for sport in Wales!

Thank you for your continued support.

Best wishes

David Phenis
Hockey Wales CEO


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