The journey to developing a School to Club Programme

As an organisation we know that early experiences in sport are key to whether a child continues to participate in sport.

With this at the forefront of our minds we’d like to invite you on our journey to deliver a successful,sustainable and collaborative approach towards embedding
the ‘School to Club Programme’ across Wales.

For this to happen we must consider the following…

  • Early experiences in sport are critically important and can have a significant impact
    on whether a child continues to participate in that sport.
  • Children’s experiences of sport are varied.
  • A successful school-club hockey programme will be reliant on developing a skilled and confident workforce that has the right people, in the right places delivering hockey.
  • A staged, collaborative approach must be taken to make certain that we provide
    a sustainable hockey provision within local communities.

What is Hooked on Hoci?

A four-stage programme delivered through a skilled and confident workforce; specifically targeting young people aged 7-11 years old (Key Stage Two). Whilst providing positive experiences to these young people the programme will further deliver a sustainable hockey provision by partnering communities together.

Hockey Wales will work alongside local authorities, schools, hockey clubs and current delivery partners to ensure more young people are ‘hooked on hoci’ across Wales from an early age.


The Bigger Picture

Physical inactivity remains a high priority on both our own and the Welsh government’s agenda’s. As an organisation we want to be able to engage as many young people as possible with the variety of benefits playing sport brings; preventing the age-old excuses people still use today as rationale for limited to no exercise; leading to unhealthy and inactive lifestyles.

Why Hockey?

Being a team sport, hockey teaches young people numerous skills that filter through into many aspects of their lives. From developing their ability to communicate effectively with others through to instilling self-discipline and resilience; hockey taps into key life skills.

Through working with schools to encourage higher participation levels in hockey we’d like to see a new generation of players coming through the ranks.

For further information around how you can get involved with the ‘Hooked on Hoci’
programme contact Head of Development, Ria Male.