The NAG programme is designed to ensure our junior athletes are prepared
for the rigorous demands of international hockey. This is achieved by focusing
delivery on the five rings of performance:

  • Technical
  • Tactical
  • Lifestyle
  • Mental Skills
  • Strength & Conditioning

In line with the Hockey for Life framework philosophy, U16 and U18 players train together as a single U18 international training squad. This broadens playing philosophy, tactics, strategy and core skills and allows consistent development across the whole NAG
programme. This programme then also provides and allows for a more fluid transition into higher level teams when the time comes.


National Age Group Entry

For players aged under 18, the route to play for Wales is through our 360° Hockey Centres programme.

Once a member of the programme, you will have the opportunity to be nominated through to the National Age Group programme by the 360° Centre Head Coach. Players based outside of Wales are encouraged to contact Fern Burrage, Performance Coordinator to establish the most convenient centre to attend.