Have any venues changed?

The North East 360 centre has changed venue. The North East venue will now be held at The Flash Leisure centre, Welshpool, making this more of a Mid Wales centre. This is due to the number of players attending from the mid wales area. Players based in more northern parts of North East Wales can choose to attend this centre or the North Central 360 centre at Eirias Park, Colwyn Bay.

Will the boys and girls train together in Aspire?

Aspire North is now split into a Boys and a Girls centre, to follow the same format as South Aspire. This will allow players in Aspire to train with players of the same gender and develop their skills in an environment similar to NAGS.

Are sessions in the week and weekends?

There will be no mid-week sessions for Aspire or 360. The distance and timings of these sessions made it difficult for players to travel and attendance was often lower than we would have liked.

How do we make up for the lost mid-week sessions?

‘Aspire Days’. To replace the contact time lost by removing the mid-week sessions, we will have 6 Aspire ‘days’ throughout the season, 3 on dates in block one and 3 on dates in block two, where Aspire will be a full day event. Days will compromise of 2 x 2-hour pitch sessions, one morning, one afternoon and a 1 hour video review session. These days will be similar to a NAG training day and give none NAG players experience of these, to help to prepare them for the step into NAGS.

Do we still have to complete classroom sessions?

No classroom sessions. We have decided to remove the off-pitch classroom sessions, that focused on lifestyle behaviours of elite athletes. We will be replacing these sessions with tutorials than can be viewed at home at the players leisure.

What else is new?

We have increased Strength and Condition provision. We have recently appointed an S&C coach to oversee the implementation of the S&C programme across the 360 pathway. All players will have a programme to follow, video tutorials and demos of how to perform the exercises and remote support from the S&C lead to help them carry out the programme correctly and get the best results from it. The S&C will also be regularly attending centres to support players with their physical development within their training environment.

What about Goalkeeper training?

We have implemented extra Goalkeeping provision. More Goalkeeper coaches employed to visit centres on a more regular basis and coach goalkeepers at their normal centre.