Welcome to the most effective introduction into hockey and umpiring for young people. Hockey is an exciting sport that boasts many benefits, from making new friends and being a team through to feeling fit and healthy.

4689 follows a progressive format, with four game levels to work through. Each level grows in line with the children’s playing abilities; introducing new roles found in hockey and developing key strengths and interests that young people have.

Each level provides a flexible way of learning that avoids over complication, yet holds back from being too easy for the more experienced hockey players and umpires.

The Game Levels

  • 4 v 4 (4 players on each team)
  • 6 v 6 (4 players plus a coach & umpire for each team)
  • 8 v 8 (6 players plus a coach & umpire for each team)
  • 9 v 9 (7 players plus a coach & umpire for each team)

4689 allows players to learn the skills and techniques of hockey, in a fun and relaxed environment. If you’d like to deliver the 4689 experience or you’re interested in purchasing the resources available please contact Amanda Roberts


Check out the video from our launch in Cardiff!

What do I get out of 4689?

  • A fundamental resource to provide great opportunities for all level of players
  • Teaching and coaching through game-based play
  • Links to the curriculum
  • Great opportunities for more children to get involved
  • Leadership opportunities built in for young people at an early stage
  • Ability to maximise existing play space, enabling more young people to take part

Downloadable Resources

pdf pdf
Introducing 4689 Competitions Tool Kit

Depending on your experience you’ll be able to attend either a 3 or 6 hour Sports Leaders UK endorsed training workshop, which provides you access to the 4689 website.

The website is a comprehensive resource, giving you:

  • 46 technical cards
  • 30 activities and videos
  • Competition formats and rules for all levels
  • Ways to get more involved