Partnerships that Own the Development (or PODs) are our new system of supporting Hockey Clubs in Wales. Every club is part of one and each is geared towards helping you in the most effective way possible. Click here to find out more about the PODs and how you can get involved!

What are the ‘Hockey POD’s’?

Simply put, it stands for Partnership Owning the Development of hockey, and is a group established to provide a professional partnership to support development of hockey across that POD area, in line with Hockey Wales’ Hockey for Life framework.

It’s a bold and innovative step for the sport because it acts as a sounding board and development group to firmly establish an area vision and plan. It actively works to support and initiate actions to drive participation and develop talent over that area.

Currently, there are 9 designated POD areas across Wales. Click the links below to find out more about them all:


North West

North East

Mid North


South West

South East

Mid South


South Central

Driving Forward

The POD group engages and develops partnerships according to needs identified. This include seeking to:

  1. Transform the hockey landscape and how hockey is perceived
  2. Raise the profile of hockey through the area
  3. Increase access to funding for hockey
  4. Assist Hockey Wales and partners to allocate resources appropriately and effectively

POD Key Objectives

The vital aim of PODs are to do the following:

  1. To provide a conduit for dialogue between Hockey Stakeholders, Local Authorities and other partners to increase hockey participation
  2. To lead the development of an area vision and working plan for Hockey which reflect the area needs and supports the delivery of the Hockey Framework, representing the priorities and needs of hockey across the area in a strategic approach
  3. To highlight the potential for incorporating opportunities for hockey activity across the whole area
  4. To maximise opportunities for education based and community/club hockey
  5. To prepare a plan and lobby for increased resources and support for Hockey
  6. To advise Hockey Wales on future planning of resources
  7. To promote good practice and innovation in the development and delivery of hockey across Wales and the framework


PODs will always take a direct and active approach to reach their goals. This approach includes:

  1. An aim to develop a range of styles and provisions across the area to fit needs, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ philosophy. This includes hubs, specialist sites and new approaches designed for specific areas
  2. A ‘speculate to accumulate’ method of thinking, requiring a preparedness to take calculated risks  in developing innovative approaches to hockey development
  3. Flexibility and support in understanding the needs of the area as a whole
  4. Ensuring wider partnership engagement
  5. A strategic endgame – sustainable and driven by the right people making the right decisions for the good of the area
  6. Promoting and encouraging vital education-community links
  7. Consideration of the needs of all partners and ensure they are fulfilled e.g Education, Hockey Wales

North POD Developments

Having been set up for 18 months now, North PODs are well attended, with 69 members included as part of the groups. All 7 Local Authorities  (LA) are engaged, with only 3 clubs in the entire North Wales region not being involved so far.

With the new regional structures taking effect, PODs are a crucial part of this and it’s hoped that they will act as a catalyst for driving hockey agendas from all other action groups, based on engagement levels from key partners, clubs and Hockey Agents in the POD area.

However, PODs are not simply about people sitting around a table and consulting.  They take action and there are great examples of how PODs have got clubs to work together and support each other.

As each POD may require different needs, it is hoped that there will be a lead within each POD to sit on each action group. They meet every quarter at the moment but because of the enthusiasm and drive of current members to get things going, there have been more frequent meetings too.


South POD Developments

The appointment of a new Regional Delivery Manager for South Wales means there is a clear intention to ensure POD structure is implemented from September 2012. There has already been significant positive feedback from meetings across the region.

There will be 6 PODs established in South Wales, with needs for each area driven by each POD. They will develop the action plans which will eventually feed into an overall regional plan for South Wales.

The great thing about PODs is that they will be made up of key people such as Hockey Club representatives, LA officers and representatives from Further/Higher Education. Other local partners will be identified by their respective PODs.

Each POD will begin by meeting quarterly with an aim to review and develop their actions plans, along with sharing good practice advice and discuss ongoing challenges they may be facing.