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Following the principles of a player centred, development driven and competition supported delivery; our priority is to create a competition supported system, which allows players every opportunity to develop as part of an integrated system between Hockey Wales, Clubs, Regions, Counties and Schools.

The priority calendar has been created by a number of key competition and Hockey Wales stakeholders, with the aim to assist players and their support systems (parents, clubs, schools, counties etc) to ensure that players are at the forefront of decisions on relevant competition priorities.

The priority calendar indicates that a higher tier will generally take priority for a player’s development, unless prior approval has been given to players*. Priority decisions will be based on what is deemed the best player development environment or opportunity, at that particular time. Every player’s development needs are different and it could well be that one player has a different decision to another.


Tier 1 – Clubs, Education & recreational hockey

The base of the model incorporates hockey clubs, schools and counties as these agencies are key in the delivery of hockey programmes for the beginner, recreational and developing hockey players. This work will strengthen the grassroots tier across the country.

Tier 2 – 360° Hockey Centres

The next tier of hockey delivery would take place at 360° Hockey Centres. The key focus will be to develop core skills using deliberate practice philosophy rather than preparing players for competition or selection.

Tier 3 – Performance Clubs

Performance clubs (including those in EHL) are really important in ensuring players have the right quality of weekly training and competitive opportunities, throughout the year. EHL competition dates appear on the priority calendar as they strongly support player development for our international programmes.

Tier 4 – International Programmes

The International tier in the Talent Development pathway will be at two age levels, U-18’s and 18+.
U-18’s consists of National Age Group (NAG) player development. Delivery will be linked closely with the demands, needs and expectations of developing international hockey players.
18+ consists of Wales A and Wales full squads (with U 21’s age group competing in line with EHF schedules) training together throughout the year.