SMASH Hockey adds something different to our Doorstep Sport Club

SMASH Hockey, new for 2019, is Hockey Wales' resource specifically designed for children and young people living in areas of deprivation

Hockey Wales are proud to introduce SMASH Hockey. A brand new resource designed to inspire children and young people living in areas of deprivation throughout Wales to try something new anytime, anywhere.

This page will provide you with everything you need to know about SMASH, footage of SMASH in action and the steps you need to take to become a SMASH site!

Becoming a SMASH site is a journey we will go on together. We pride ourselves on our capacity to deliver tailored training to you in your traditional setting. No coaching courses, no forced fun, just sport in it’s truest most accessible form.

What is SMASH Hockey?

SMASH Hockey is one of Hockey Wales’ ‘Ways to Play’ schemes, with the specific focus of engaging children and young people living in areas of deprivation.

SMASH is designed to make hockey a choice for young people. In 2017, Street Games’ research showed that over 42,000 young people in Wales want to play hockey but can’t. Now is the time for that to change.

Through extensive consultation with community groups throughout Wales, Hockey Wales & Street Games have worked together to develop a resource that provides fun, accessible and engaging opportunities for children and young people living in areas of deprivation.

What kind of things can we expect from SMASH?

By registering your group for SMASH Hockey, you will receive the following benefits:

  • A modern resource pack full of easy to follow gamecards
  • Games specifically designed to be played anywhere, anytime
  • Automatic entry into an annual competition to create your own game
  • Access to the Hockey Wales Young Ambassador scheme for aspiring young people
  • Fully inclusive games that are suitable for all abilities
  • Ongoing 1 to 1 leader support
  • ‘On the job’ training that takes place during your usual session- allowing you to see it in action from the very beginning
  • Opportunities for the young people to play, umpire, coach, score & timekeep
  • Games that you can dip in and out of, making them flexible and adaptive to the rest of the session
  • Personalised game modifications based on the ability/skill level of the group
  • Fully stocked SMASH equipment complete with bag & resource pack

Your group will receive a kit bag complete with everything you need to run SMASH Hockey sessions on a regular basis. This includes:

  • SMASH Sticks x 20
  • SMASH Balls x 20
  • Cones
  • Bibs
  • SMASH Bag
  • SMASH Resource pack

What was really pleasing for us was that some of the boys that took part don’t usually engage with any of the sporting activity. One of the young people had never been before, and the fact he took part was really pleasing for us, because he can be a bit of a handful usually

SMASH Hockey FAQ’s

How much does SMASH Hockey cost?
£349.99 for the resource pack, equipment, training and mentoring

How do I register my club/group for SMASH Hockey?
You can register your interest via our online form which is accessible here.

When will it be delivered?
Delivery of your SMASH Hockey kit will coincide with your SMASH orientation session. This will take place at a time that suits you, and will ideally be when your group is active so you can see SMASH being implemented from the outset.

We’ve never done hockey before, is it safe?
All of the SMASH games have been tried and tested in 9 Doorstep Sport Clubs with resounding success. Obviously, there is a Duty of Care that needs to be taken with all sporting activity. Our games use a variety of equipment and can be modified to the ability of the group and number of players present.

What happens after we receive SMASH?
Hockey Wales & Street Games will remain in contact with you to provide you with the 1 to 1 SMASH mentor support that comes with being part of the programme. This will be a combination of site visits and phone/email communication at a time to suit you.

What funding support is available to us?
There are many grants and funding pots available to sports clubs and community groups in Wales; particularly those working within areas of deprivation.

Sport Wales’ Community Chest is a grant of up to £1500 which is accessible for new projects that aim to Improve Standard and/or Increase Participation.

Smash Hockey is applicable to the Doorstep Funding that Doorstep Sport Clubs receive. For more information about how this can work for your DSC, contact Street Games.

The Welsh Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) provides a breakdown of grant funding opportunities on a local level. You can search by category and location to understand what is available to you and your community.

SMASH Hockey is a good casual way of playing hockey, good flexibility [in the games] allowed enjoyment for those taking part

Want to read more into the SMASH journey?

Street Games produced a Case Study in early 2019 documenting the journey that SMASH has been on over the past year. It provides an interesting insight into the research carried out, the rationale behind SMASH, who was involved and what we’re trying to achieve by embarking on this journey.


Everyone joining the SMASH journey with us will receive bespoke 1 to 1 support that gives you the best possible foundation to launch SMASH successfully.

To declare your interest in joining our journey please complete this form, after which one of our team will be in touch to discuss the next steps.

For any additional queries, please contact the National Lead directly