Coaching – Strategy & Framework

Regardless of your experience; be it the beginning of your coaching life or whether you’re already a Performance Coach, there’s always going to be a part for you in the development of hockey throughout Wales

Coaching Strategy for Hockey across Great Britain

Coaches that inspire more, better and happier players

Coaches and coaching continues to be a cornerstone of Hockey.  Be it introducing someone to the game for the first time, working with a club side or engaging with the performance environment across Great Britain, the coach is a critical factor in determining the quality of a player’s experience.

As a result, coaches will have a huge influence on whether children, young people and adults playing the game will take up, stay and progress within the sport.  If we are going to achieve our sports objectives across Great Britain, we need the best coaches possible, who feel valued, supports and rewarded for their contribution to the sport.

Over the past few months, as a result of partnerships between England Hockey, Scottish Hockey and Hockey Wales, a Great Britain Coaching Strategy has been taking shape that will provide the direction of Hockey coaching across Great Britain and the Home Nations over the next five years.

With the core purpose of enhancing coaching across Great Britain in order to service the needs of the sport, it is Hockey Wales’ commitment to lead the cultire and support for coaches to excel in the creation of more, better and happier players.  Our focus is on six key areas:

  • Great Britain Coaching Strategy – We will inspire the direction of coaching across Great Britain and establish and embed a clear and consistent coaching philosophy.
  • Growing the Coaching Offer across Great Britain – We will create a coach development offer that will provide relevant and accessible learning opportunities to support the coach in whatever role they play.
  • Appropriate supply of skilled coaches to meet demand – We shall develop and establish clear standards of key coaching roles, along with enhanced recruitment practices.
  • Investing in a network of Coach Developers – We will develop a network of skilled Coach Developers to help develop, support and nurture active coaches.
  • Targeted support and development of Talent and Performance Coaches – We will provide specific support to coaches within the Talent and Performance pathways through delivering a number of Coach Development Programmes.
  • Increase the number of ‘strongly attached’ coaches – We aim to have a greater connect with the Coaching workforce than ever before.


In leading the culture, GB Hockey and the Home Nations will demonstrate its leadership by developing a coaching system that will enhance the standards of coaching and move to develop expert coaches of children, participation, talent and performance.

What does this mean for Hockey Wales and Coaches in Wales?

Hockey Wales continues to work hard to meet the objectives set out in VISION 2020, and the new strategy will aid us clearly in this process.

Hockey Wales has set a bold, ambitious VISION for 2020 which was launched in October 2011.  There are 4 key outcomes of VISION 2020; they are to achieve:

  1. 60,000 people in Wales are members of Hockey Wales
  2. Every young person of school age enjoys a quality Hockey experience
  3. Wales is consistently ranked in the top 10 in Europe (seniors) and provides between 2 and 4 players to the GB squads for the Olympic Games
  4. We have a fit for purpose workforce of coaches, umpires, officials and volunteers able to meet the demands and provide a high quality experience


The Hockey Wales strategy ‘Winning On and Off the Pitch’ outlines what we are trying to achieve between 2013 and 2017.  It identifies 4 big themes of work to focus on and then within each theme outlines some key actions.  The 4 themes are as follows:

1. High Performing Hockey Family

2. Vibrant Workforce

3. Growing the Game

4. High Performance (teams and individuals)

Simply put, this model will provide coaches with the following to ensure they get the support they need and deserve:

  • The model helps identify skills, qualities and qualifications that relate to each environment and role and therefore identifies potential development opportunities for coaches
  • As the model is rolled-out the quality of coaching within Wales will increase, which in turn will increase the playing standards of hockey
  • The model provides a guide for what the journey needs to be for coaches with aspirations i.e. a junior club coach that would like to coach in a talent development environment and therefore within our 360° Hockey Centres can identify the skills and qualities they need to develop through the model in order to do this
  • The model assists Hockey Wales to identify and provide appropriate development opportunities i.e. workshops etc.

Coach Education Workforce

Hockey Wales uses the very best resources to ensure Coach Qualifications are delivered to the highest standard. We utilise tutors, assessors and verifiers who are all highly experienced themselves to deliver our strategy.

The Coach Education Workforce Model has been designed by Hockey Wales, England Hockey and Scottish Hockey to support these people, whilst also outlining the development pathways within each specific role.

If you’d like to know more about the Coach Education Workforce Team, or you are interested in being a tutor in the future, get in contact with the Workforce Officer for more details