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Wales has two reasons to celebrate tonight as they take a cracking 4-0 win against Ireland in their final match of the EuroHockey Championship, which in turn secured their spot in the top tier of the EHC, as Scotland and Ireland have been relegated from the league.

Wales started as they meant to go on, as #9 Captain Rupert Shipperley won Wales’ first penalty corner leading to their first points on the board at just 4′ in, as #18 Gareth Furlong whipped the ball into the back of Ireland’s net.

Ireland tried to push back in the first half with attempted shots but to no avail, as a calm and controlled Welsh squad regained possession, Wales went 2-0 up as Ireland’s defence proved no match for Furlong yet again.

At 27′ Owain Dolan-Gray picked up a yellow card encouraging Ireland to pressure Wales’ defence. They made a shot on target but Wales’ goalkeeper Ieuan Tranter made a fantastic save, leaving Ireland empty handed during their advantage period.


Moving into the third quarter Wales weren’t out of the danger zone yet as the score remained at 2-0, until suddenly Dale Hutchinson made an epic run around Ireland’s defence, as he secured Wales’ 3rd goal of the match.

The ball was well under control in Wales’ possession but it took time to get past Ireland’s alert defence, until #25 Ben Francis smacked the ball onto Ireland’s back board as he took the score to 4-0 at 51′, making it a full house for Wales as they scored in all four quarters.

#10 Rhodri Furlong picked up a green card giving Ireland the one up for the final 5 minutes of the game but despite their best efforts, powerful Wales secured the win and maintained a clean sheet against Ireland as it ended 4-0 at full time.


That concludes Wales’ time in the EuroHockey Championship, as they place 6th overall and retain their place in the EHC. We’ll be watching them again in 2021 as they will return in the top tier of the EuroHockey Championship.

Thank you to all fans and sponsors Sport 101, FRF Motors & Uni Of Birmingham Sport & Fitness, for spurring the men on during the lows and celebrating with them during the highs!


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