Walking Hockey is a brand-new initiative which is taking the country by storm! The simple twist on the game we love allows people to take part in hockey at a slower pace but with even more laughs.

The idea behind walking hockey is to allow people to play the sport well into their later life and not be restricted from doing so due to any injuries they might have.

Slowing the pace down makes it a lot easier on the knees and allows you to have a little chat at the same time- isn’t that what sport is all about?

We have a number of clubs throughout the country hosting Walking Hockey Contact Amanda Roberts today to source your nearest club.


Walking Hockey at your Club

The founder of Walking Hockey, a friend of Hockey Wales and member of Bromsgrove HC Alan Gormley has some top tips anyone thinking about running Walking Hockey at their club:

  • Do your research- ask around and see if there is demand for Walking Hockey
  • Push, Push, Push- Make sure it’s marketed excitingly through multiple channels/methods
  • Link in- Work alongside your NGB and regional CDO
  • Develop a cost model that is affordable and attractive to participants
  • Pathway- Try to tie in your session before or after a regular club session and involve club members where you can
  • Equipment- Longer sticks are ideal for Walking Hockey as they make hitting the ball much less strenuous
  • Coaching- It is always important to have a fun warm up and engaging leader in the session, it can make all the difference between members returning or not
  • Feedback- Be sure to approach members individually before and after the session to get their reaction and make appropriate changes
  • Don’t forget to have a look at the Walking Hockey website

If Walking Hockey sounds like something you’d like to implement, then please contact Amanda Roberts (National Walking Hockey Lead) for more information on this intuitive way to play.