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WHAT IS 360?

  • The 360˚ programme is an essential component of our talent development pathway, that helps support and develop talented athletes to achieve their potential with Wales.

  • Entering the 360˚ pathway is the first step within the performance pathway. Individuals playing at clubs and schools can enter the system via self-nomination. Once within 360˚pathway players are developed holistically within the programme ensuring they are assisted with technical, tactical, physical and psychological development on a regular basis.

  • From first entering 360˚, individuals are then nominated, when ready, by the head coach through Regional Performance Centres (RPC). This is completely individual dependent, ensuring players are progressed at the right speed/level.

  • The RPC programme provides the pathway and opportunity for players to be nominated for National Age Group (NAGs). It is compulsory all NAG players attend their RPC’s in order to continue to be eligible for NAG selection.

  • Players can move through the pathway in either direction, depending on what is best for the individual’s development, at any given time. This provides equal and individualistic chances to progress through the system, allowing the individual to unlock their potential.


  • Hockey Wales is a strong believer in a player centred coaching model, where the individual development of the player is put at the heart of everything we do. Working with GB Hockey we have developed a clear and consistent understanding of the key underpinning characteristics of world leading hockey players, which we call the ‘End in Mind’

  • The ‘End in Mind’ identifies 5 key characteristics of world leading hockey players. Players that are highly skilled and creative, have a What it Takes to Win Attitude, are effective decision makers, can be self-organising and are fast and robust.

  • Using the GB Hockey ‘Talent Development Framework’(TDF) as our guide, we are looking to develop players to be the best they can be and in turn, produce world leading players for our National teams. The TDF enables hockey coaches across Wales to provide players with a more systemic approach to optimising player development.

  • We recognise that development emerges from the interaction between the player(s), the environment they’re in and the way the game is played. Which is way we advocate a ‘games not drills’ philosophy across the pathway and that practices are representative of the game the players will encounter.

  • The ‘Golden Thread’ underpins our session designs and players will always be working around one of the national development themes and the ‘principles of the game’. Sessions are designed to develop the players technical and tactical ability, whilst dealing and coping with pressure.

  • Research suggests that in a fast paced, highly interactive invasion games like hockey, a contextually appropriate learning environment, where perception and action are couple. Therefore, wherever possible at 360 sessions, we like the ‘game to be the teacher’ and support this through a questioning-based approach to coaching.

  • For more information around our philosophy, please look at the ‘Talent Development Framework’ interactive document, which will give you a deeper understanding of how we are trying to develop world class people and world leading players within our 360 environments.


  • 360 is first and foremost a player development programme, but it is also a performance environment and the pathway to develop players for the National Age Group Squads (NAG). Therefore, players need to perform to a required level in order to be part of and remain part of the pathway.

  • Although players self-nominate to join the programme, we must stress that players need to have a certain level of competency in order to be part of the programme going forward.  Only players who believe they meet the required entry criteria should apply.

  • Players need to consistently show that they are performing/showing progress against the player competencies and coaches will monitor progress over a period of time, to ensure all players within the programme are performing to a level deemed appropriate.

  • If a player is deemed to have not shown the required level of competency, over a sustained period of time, the player maybe released from the programme with development points to work on at club and/or school.

  • Below are the competencies we are looking to develop in our Welsh players. If you are able to demonstrate these competencies, then you can nominate yourself for the 360 programme.

Working Towards a Brighter Future

  • Demonstrate the necessary speed of body, mind and/or stick to compete in a dynamic game.

  • Is able to regularly perform over time, in training, when needed, without injury.

  • Is able to demonstrate the basic fundamental physical movement skills to be able to perform increasingly complex hockey specific skills.

  • Can balance hockey life and school/home life and other time commitments.

  • Are motivated and driven to become a better hockey player.

  • Can perform under pressure.

  • Are self-aware and can reflect on their own performance and access appropriate support from others when required.

  • Can work with others, by communicating effectively and relating to others.

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Frequently asked questions


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After a period of review and planning, we have decided to implement a new player pathway from September 2020 which we believe will be both fit for purpose and relevant to our current player development needs. Within this new system, at the top end of the junior pathway, we are looking to run National Age Group activity at both a Regional and National level across three Regional Performance Centres. Regional Performance Centres sit above the 360 level of activity and underneath the National Age Group squads, replacing the previous 360 Aspire level. 


  • South Central Wales – Sport Wales National Centre, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff.

  • South West Wales – Swansea University, Swansea.

  • North Wales – Eirias Park, Colwyn Bay. 


Delivering our pathway in a thriving environment is essential, as a result our 3 identified regional performance centres are all able to satisfy the many components that we feel make for a full player experience at this level.

Frequently asked questions