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Since COVID-19 has presented us with significant challenges, a strategic return model has been purpose built in order to help the hockey community in Wales meet these challenges.


Based on categories of hockey activity, the best case scenario will see us move through the categories one by one in phases. Other scenarios might see us move back into lockdown and back to improvised activities. We all hope this will not be the case, but the model and plans behind it must be flexible enough to allow for just such a  scenario.


The model has no start or end dates for any activity/phase, nor does it set any timeframes for them. The course of the virus and subsequent Government regulations at any given time will be the key factors determining when and what activities can and cannot be done.


During this pandemic, it is possible that we will have different cities, areas or clubs doing different hockey activities at the same time dependent on a whole series of conditions. 

The activities/phases are:

  • Improvised hockey activities (likely to be used  in alert levels 5 and 4)

  • Non-contact hockey activities (likely to be used in alert levels 4 and 3)

  • Adapted contact hockey activities (likely to be used in alert levels 3 and 2)

  • New normal hockey activities  (likely to be used in alert levels 2 and 1) 

These guidelines cover Non-contact hockey activities. 


At all times, national organisations, clubs and coaches will need to remain flexible.  The model is designed to help you adapt your hockey activity during all COVID-19 alert levels.  As a club, you might find that you move back and forth between the categories dependent on the course of the virus and subsequent Government regulations.     

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The club committee should appoint a COVID-19 Coordinator. 

The COVID-19 Coordinator will be the key implementer and central point of contact for all matters COVID-19 for the club. 
The Coordinator will fulfil the role of liaising with other clubs, associations, local and National Sporting Organisations and other relevant stakeholders in relation to your organisation’s response to COVID-19. 
They will oversee the implementation of the organisation’s return to play arrangements by addressing the 13 areas identified in the Hockey Wales Return to Play Club guidance.

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Due to the time sensitive information, resources will be made available in Welsh as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience

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