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Hockey Wales is committed to making Hockey a safe sport for all its members and we will ensure you have the right tools to make sure we can keep the game safe and fun.

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HW Young People Policy

HW Adult Policy

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Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check was previously known as Criminal Records Bureau (CRB). The DBS enables Hockey Wales and its clubs and organisations to make informed recruitment decisions. Any individuals wishing to work with young people in hockey are required to undertake an enhanced DBS check and / or barred list check.

Please remember DBS checks should not be used in isolation, they should be one part of the process to determine if someone is suitable to work with young people in a particular role.

Hockey Wales is committed to providing guidance and support to hockey clubs and organisations to ensure that all children in hockey participate in an environment that is both safe and enjoyable.

Hockey Wales utilise the Welsh Sports Association’s (WSA) DBS Checking Service for Sport & Leisure. The service is run through its trading arm Vibrant Nation, and provides bilingual, online DBS checks as part of their commitment to ensuring sport and physical activity is safe for everyone to enjoy.

Tested and approved by the Ministry of Justice and The Home Office, the WSA system has also been endorsed by both Welsh Government and the NSPCC so rest assured that their service is up-to-date and of the highest quality.

The WSA is the only provider of a fully bilingual system and service in Wales, and even offer a free DBS bilingual helpline should you have any questions as a safeguarding lead. The system also utilises the DBS Update Service, allowing Hockey Wales and its associated clubs to fully enhance their safeguarding practices.

Who is eligible for a check?

The Government have reviewed the criteria to determine who is eligible for a DBS check and have introduced the new definition of ‘regulated activity’ to assist. The new guidance introduces consistent safeguarding and vetting requirements for all those working with young people, whether they are in a paid or voluntary capacity.

The new definition distinguishes between roles that meet the definition of ‘regulated’ activity AND whether they are deemed supervised or unsupervised roles. The supervision distinction determines the level of check required i.e. enhanced DBS check and / or barred list check.

Eligibility for a DBS check by role

Hockey Wales has taken the new definition and applied the criteria to the hockey environment to provide a list (not exhaustive) of roles. Each role has been broken down to determine what level of check is required.

What are your responsibilities as a club / organisation?

As part of Hockey Wales, it’s imperative that the following responsibilities are carried out:

  1. Ensure all those that are eligible complete a DBS check to the appropriate level (checks should be completed every three years).

  2. Do not deploy (paid or unpaid role) anyone in ‘regulated activity’ unless you have completed a barred list check.

  3. Inform people prior to them taking on a role, if it will require a DBS / barred list check.

  4. Inform Hockey Wales if you have a concern about a person and they are working with young people

​How do you get checks processed?

All DBS checks need to be submitted through Hockey Wales.

All DBS information can be found HERE.

The first point of contact for all DBS enquiries is:


To report concerns about a person that is working with young people

Please call the Lead Safeguarding Officer on 07397 374 242 or email