The University of South Wales is the Lead Partner for the Hockey Young Ambassador Programme. 
This partnership will enhance the current provision to HYAs as well as providing new and additional opportunities, including:

  • Access to on-campus opportunities (Enhancement Weeks, Employability Conference)

  • Access to workshops and conferences on an ad-hoc basis (sport and otherwise)

  • Access to One to one mentoring through the USW mentoring programme

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The Hockey Young Ambassador (HYA) Programme is designed to support and recognise the commitment young people give to hockey. The programme actively develops young leaders and volunteers within the sport; giving young people a voice.

The programme is suitable for young people aged between 12-21, who have a passion for developing hockey experiences for the younger generation.

There are four levels to the HYA Programme, each determined about the level of experience and skills and qualities of the young person.  





▪ 12-years and over
▪ Shadow Silver and Gold
▪ School and club focussed

▪ 13-years and over
▪ Shadow Gold
▪ Community focus as well as school and club

▪ 14-years and over
▪ Shadow Platinum
▪ Regional remit
▪ Represent young people on school board, club committee’s or at regional club meetings

▪ 15-years and over
▪ Minimum of 1-year experience as a HYA or volunteering in the community
▪ National remit
▪ Represent Young People on National Working Groups

Being a HYA isn’t just about coaching and umpiring.

Those are part of our offer but the HYA programme is much more than just these two elements. As a HYA, we look to develop the young person themselves, improve their confidence, networking skills, public speaking skills, develop employability skills and look to develop them as a young leader.


A person who can lead, motivate and inspire others around them, through the power of hockey.



▪ Opportunities to learn and develop new skills e.g. communication, leadership, event management, teamwork etc.
▪ Opportunities to volunteer at National and International events, gain work experience
▪ Opportunity to improve confidence and self esteem
▪ Recognition and reward for your commitment to volunteering
▪ Opportunity to meet new people
▪ Opportunity to receive support for job applications and university placements


▪ A passionate workforce of young people
▪ Role models to help inspire others
▪ Provide a voice for young people in the club / school / college / university
▪ Recognition of having Young Ambassadors and role models within the school / club / college / university
▪ Opportunities for clubs / schools / colleges / universities to offer something additional to their young and inspiring leader


The steering group is made up of Hockey Young Ambassadors, they meet four times a year and use these meetings to discuss how they can develop hockey further and how they can support other YA’s in their area. At the same time the group meet with members of the Hockey Wales workforce to present their ideas and discuss how Hockey Wales staff and agents can support the steering group members and other YA’s to further develop their ideas.

I have learnt many skills during my time as a HYA, many of which are transferable into my career, such as being able to communicate with people from all walks of life.

3 words to describe Harri: Confident, Ambitious, Lucky 

Words to live by:

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen"

Since becoming a YA my main area of improvement would have to be self confidence. This has enabled me to trust my own ability and take on new opportunities within my role as a YA, my role in my Hockey Club (Carmarthen Athletic) and in my personal life.

3 words to describe Laura:

Hardworking,Passionate, Reliable

Over the past three, I have had the opportunity to coach, umpire and aid in the organisation and running of events, such as the Under 18's Euros Boys' Euro Hockey Championships held in Cardiff. Furthermore, the programme has greatly improved my leadership and communication skills, having to lead and instruct large groups of people.

3 words to describe Tom:

Committed, Outgoing, Positive

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North West

Alice Gregory.jpg


Mid and North

My confidence around new people has improved a lot since I became a YA. I have learnt so much about the sports industry and NGB's and how to better manage my time. I'm not afraid to put myself out there & get to know new people since becoming a HYA!

3 words to describe Alice:

Organised, Caring, Energetic

Words to live by:

"It doesn't matter what others are you doing, it matters what you are doing"



South West

Words to live by:

"As long as you believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to."



South East



South East

I’ve been a HYA since I was 13 and have had incredible experiences from it. From the workshops and events I’ve attended I’ve been able to develop so many key skills, for example, public speaking and leadership. This has helped me in university and other areas of my life. I love meeting new people and being in the HYA family and seeing others develop!

Words to live by:

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that"

chloe jordan.jpg


South East

3 words to describe Chloe:

Passionate, Energetic, Hardworking

Words to live by:

“It’s not I can, It’s I will” 

The Hockey Young Ambassador Programme is run in partnership with the University of South Wales, Sport Wales, hockey clubs and educational institutes across Wales.

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Get in contact today if you wish to be involved with the Hockey YA programme!