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Hooked on Hoci offers the opportunity for primary schools to experience high quality hockey for the first time and to ensure a sustainable programme is put in place so the sport exists in school long term.

The overall goal is for more children to have improved levels of physical literacy and physical activity with an affinity to hockey.

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Hooked on Hoci offers the opportunity for primary schools to experience high quality hockey for the first time and to ensure a sustainable programme is put in place so the sport exists in school long term.

The overall goal is for more children to have improved levels of physical literacy and physical activity with an affinity to hockey.

Now more than ever we need to ensure children stay active. Hockey Wales has created an adapted primary schools programme to ensure hockey for children across Wales can be delivered in a fun and safe environment.

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Physical inactivity remains a high priority on both our own and the Welsh government’s agenda’s. As an organisation we want to be able to engage as many young people as possible with the variety of benefits playing sport brings; preventing the age-old excuses people still use today as rationale for limited to no exercise; leading to unhealthy and inactive lifestyles.

Being a team sport, hockey teaches young people numerous skills that filter through into many aspects of their lives.

From developing their ability to communicate effectively with others through to instilling self-discipline and resilience; hockey taps into key life skills.

Through working with schools to encourage higher participation levels in hockey we’d like to see a new generation of players coming through the ranks.

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week 1

Olivia is a shy 9-year-old girl, whose just recently joined her new primary school. She’s an only child, living with her dad. Olivia’s teacher, Mr Tayler has just this morning announced that his class will be involved in the super duper, exciting new ‘Hooked on Hoci’ programme run by Hockey Wales. Olivia doesn’t know if she likes sport so isn’t looking forward to the class but she’s never played hockey before so agrees to give it a go!


Embarking on something new can be quite daunting for some children, so it’s important to always keep this in mind when introducing any new sport into their lives! How will Olivia’s first experience of hockey turn out? Find out next week…


Olivia’s initial hockey session went very well. It was delivered by qualified HOH Coach Claire, who showed Olivia and her class how to hold a hockey stick properly and how to play games called Treasure Hunt and Surfers & Sharks.

Even though Olivia was sometimes a bit too shy to have a go and felt out of breath occasionally, she still had a good time and made her first new school friends, Leo the Surfer and Amelia the Shark. She’s excited to play with them again this week because it’s good fun and Leo always makes her and Amelia giggle when he misses the ball.

Hockey is a team sport that naturally encourages children to develop friendships through working together. Group sizes vary depending on the games being played so there’s always opportunity for children to make new friends. How will Olivia’s new friends impact on her behaviour? Find out next week…


Mr Tayler can see Olivia is fitting into his class nicely and she’s spending more time with her new friends both inside and outside of classroom time. Olivia’s dad told him this morning, she came home from school smiling every day last week and wouldn’t stop talking about the hockey lesson with her new friends. Mr Tayler feels positive about his decision to engage with the Hooked on Hoci programme and is definitely going to enrol on the 4689 qualification.


He’s looking forward to testing the trio today, ideally by the end of their session they’ll have played their first mini game against each other.

Sport in general has such a positive impact on people for numerous reasons. Hockey allows young people the opportunity to make new friends, growing their social circle and building other key skills such as teamwork, communication and sharing.


Olivia has made Mr Tayler a card to say thank you for being such an amazing teacher and bringing the Hooked on Hoci programme to class. Mr Tayler can’t help but smile at such a lovely gesture and tells Olivia he thinks she should consider joining a local hockey club. With the ongoing support from Hockey Wales, Mr Tayler is able to provide Olivia with a list of local clubs to take home to read with her dad.

A key focus of the Hooked on Hoci programme is to strengthen the school club link across and within communities. We can help link your school with local hockey clubs, allowing teachers to encourage children to continue to be active and socialise outside of school. By sharing details of local sports clubs in your area, you’re helping keep our young people healthy and our community sports sustainable.


Last week Mr Tayler gave Olivia a list of local hockey clubs she could consider joining.

Olivia’s dad took her along to her first club hockey session over the weekend. Initially Olivia tells her dad “I felt shy and didn’t want to join in” but goes on to proclaim excitedly, “I already knew how to do some of the skills they were showing my age group so they asked me to help show some of the other new kids and guess what…I wasn’t even tired or out of breath dad”

Olivia made another new friend called Bethan, who invited her to a sleepover next week for her birthday. Her dad has said Olivia can go to the sleepover because it’s lovely to see her socialising with new friends and feeling confident to stay out overnight.


Olivia felt today’s hockey session was a little harder for her and her friends. They had to focus on the best way to hit the ball straight, aiming at small goals to score. The class had to work in teams to score as many goals as possible. When Coach Claire asked who wanted to be team captain, Olivia decided to be brave and put her hand up, something Mr Tayler told her dad, “I could see happening before Olivia even knew she’d made the decision”. Olivia explained to her dad, “I had to be captain dad, because I go to a club and get more practice than my friends, so I had to show them how to do the skill. Claire said my hand eye coordination was very good…whatever that means.”

Like many sports, hockey was a unique and varied way of encouraging new found confidence in young people. As a sport it focuses on developing transferable skills that can be used in many areas of life, not just on the field.


During this morning’s school assembly, Olivia and some of her classmates received certificates for their outstanding efforts in class. Mr Tayler also mentioned how well Olivia and her friends were doing in the weekly hockey session and asked Olivia to stand up and tell her year group what she enjoyed about her new-found sport. She told her dad “I said hockey was fun and made me smile and make new friends and that because of the programme my dad also plays at our local hockey club when I’m playing, which is super awesome.”

Olivia won’t know it yet but thanks to her weekly hockey lessons, she’s fitter, stronger and healthier than she was six weeks ago. If she continues to play hockey at her local club, she will continue to develop a healthy lifestyle, which’ll help encourage a positive, resilient mental health, it’ll grow her friendship circle, teach her transferable skills such as good communication and teamwork abilities and most importantly when combined she’ll go on to live a life that contributes well to her personal goals and her community.


It’s time for them to play in their first hockey festival, the Primary 7’s! Olivia and her friends will play against teams from other schools that also took part in the Hooked on Hoci programme. Olivia explains to Amelia and Leo “Mr Tayler said this morning that all the other teams are around our level, so we don’t need to worry.” Olivia has been practising her skills with her dad during the evenings and weekends and with Mr Tayler during their P.E lessons. Olivia really wants to win first place at the Primary 7’s, so to help her feel more confident and as a big well-done for all her hard work, Olivia’s dad has bought her, her very own hockey stick. She adores it!At the end of the Hooked on Hoci programme, Hockey Wales works with schools to organise a Primary 7’s hockey festival, where children have the opportunity to play against other school teams of similar skill levels. The festival is designed to be fun and engaging for all involved.