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Junior Dragon Development Centres have been set up to provide earlier Hockey Wales Pathway activity for young boys and girls in school years 7 and 8 but without selection and assessment pressures. They are standalone centres and not part of a transitional up and down process of the Player Pathway.


The locations of these centres will be dependent on the demand in different areas nationally and therefore will be bespoke towards the geographical need.


Players will be able to enter the Pathway at school year 7 and spend 2 years in this Developmental phase where core fundamental skills will be introduced and delivered that are desirable to later future progression in the Player Pathway.

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Dragon Development Centres are the main entry points onto our Player Pathway (replacing the previous 360 centre model).


There are two entry points to this activity, one is via previous knowledge gained from players involved in Junior Dragon centres so through a coach nomination process once a player is too old for Junior Dragon activity. Also there are September assessment sessions for those that are late entries onto our system and who may not have been involved in previous Junior Dragon or Dragon Development Centre activity.


Entry into the Dragon Development Centres is for players in school Year 9 onwards and up to U18 National age range (International competition age not school year for this upper end).

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Also known as RPC's, there will be 3 centres throughout Wales:

  • National Hockey Centre, Cardiff (South Central)

  • Swansea University (South West)

  • Eirias Park (North)

These centres hold up to 150 players, around 96 of these will also be National Age Group players. Coached by the same coaching staff that are appointed to the junior National teams, attendance at this level is through nomination from a Dragon Development Centre.


Ages at these centres will range from school age Year 9 up to International age U18.


The centres will be full day sessions (on Sundays from September to April) and between the 10am-6pm time range. 4 hours of pitch contact per day and then a 1 hour lunchtime meeting/education session.


A holistic programme will also be delivered through this medium as well as specialised GK coaching at each centre across the cycle (1 centre gets GK coaching every 3 sessions).


Those involved in RPC’s will be assessed for National Age Group selection in the October to January window.

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