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Be a 'Hinspiration'!

Today we’ve been fortunate enough to connect with hundreds of schools across Wales; being able to recognise the value of so many incredible teachers! As part of our communication with these schools we shared a truly ‘hinspiring’ story from Gowerton Comprehensive teacher Ffion Morgans. A story we just had to share further… _______________________________________________________________________________________ “I am currently teaching in Gowerton Comprehensive but at the time of my ‘Hinspirations’ I was on PGCE placement in Olchfa Secondary school. The girls in Olchfa were not interested in playing hockey, they were all netball players. So to encourage the girls to take part I started a ‘Hinspiration’ (Hockey inspiration) so at the start of every lesson I would give them fun facts about the GB hockey team or hockey in general to encourage them. I started with the GB women’s team in the Rio Olympics, told them how many people viewed the final etc and then moved through the players, mens players and fun facts of hockey. I laminated each of my cards to show pictures as well as it interested them more to see photos along with the facts. At the start of each lesson I quizzed them on the facts from the week before. In each of the lessons I would do something different and active. If I repeated drills or activities each lesson the girls would get bored and lose interest, competition also helped! Cone Ball was a huge hit and I could use this as a warm up for my other lessons/sports. It takes very little equipment so really easy to do and could be used to focus on skills like communication skills and utilising space which is vital for all invasion games. By explaining the skills that the pupils were learning and emphasising those the pupils forgot the they would be playing ‘hockey’.  What would be your top tip for any teacher wanting to do this? Be enthusiastic! The more enthusiastic you are then it passes on to the pupils. Make it exciting and interesting, do different things with them that they haven’t done before. The hockey 4689 has lots of good drills to use. Gauntlet is a really good one that works on their basic skills in a competitive way”. 

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