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A ‘Hoci Hero’ is so much more than a volunteer to us!

When you sign up to be part of our hockey mad world you join forces with a super League unlike any other…A hockey family that has super powers in delivering world class hockey experiences far and wide. People of Wales – hockey cannot happen without you! Will you answer our call?!


We’re excited to announce applications are now open to join the ‘League of Heroes’, with national training events being held on Saturday 5th May and Sunday 6th May 2018. During these training events your skills and hero like abilities will be enhanced whilst learning more about the opportunities ahead of you!

Last year saw over 100 fresh heroes join the League; with powers that propelled Hockey Wales forward as an organisation; supporting in the delivery of many outstanding events and tournaments. 2018 will be just as action packed and adrenaline fuelled.

If we’ve not convinced you yet that becoming a Hoci Hero is the coolest thing you could do this year then maybe you’re more villain than hero, but we’d still like to have a chat with you if you’d like more information about the Hoci Hero Roles

Already wearing your cape? APPLY HERE.

Contact Amanda Roberts – National Volunteer Lead (Head of Heroes).

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