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On #WorldMentalHealthDay we are celebrating the brilliant work that one of our clubs are doing to raise awareness of Mental Health support to their club members and the local community.

Following success of the clubs previous charity event, Carmarthen Hockey Club have made a commitment to support a new charity on an annual basis. This fantastic work has been driven and led by Platinum Young Ambassador, Laura Massocchi. We took the chance to speak to Laura about the clubs commitment to charity, and were completely inspired behind the reasons the club has chosen Mind for this years charity.

What is the motive behind supporting an annual charity?

We previously fund raised for Mind Cymru back in February. The feeling we had as event organisers and as a club once we counted out the money was something words cannot describe. The money raised could help change a life and provide that all important help and care so desperately needed. By selecting a charity each season we are going to help more people in need, and helping spread awareness not only in our club, but also the wider community.

Why do you think it’s important to support charities?

By supporting charities as a hockey club we are able to contribute to the community and our members will feel part of a bigger team by helping others. One day, somewhere in the future, these charities could change our lives, or become a last hope for one of our family. Therefore, if we can help make a difference now then we could create a positive impact on those relying on these charities.

What benefits will this bring to the club?

We want to show a united front in our club, letting our members know that its ok to talk about their thoughts and issues, plus it will raise awareness from our junior teams to our seniors, as we are a hockey family who support one another. Also helping others will help raise the clubs profile within the community.

What benefits will this bring to the charity?

The charity will be able to expand and gain new vital resources that can help make a difference. Also they will be able to spend a greater amount of time improving the lives of the people who turn to them for support. A safe zone if you like, somewhere where they know no one will judge them.

Is there any particular reason you’ve chosen MIND for this year?

Mental Health is becoming an increasingly common issue in today’s society affecting thousands of people worldwide. We previously fund raised for Mind Cymru in February during a bingo event. It was then we decided we wanted to do more to help make a difference. From what we’ve seen and experienced, through our contact with MIND CYMRU, they are the best people locally working towards aiding mental health in the area.

Are there any other plans beyond the pub quiz night for this season yet?

As a club we have planned more fundraisers such as: Bag Packing; Pub Quiz (before Christmas); then we will finish on a big Bingo Event at the beginning of 2019.

If you’d like to support the clubs charity Pub Quiz, on Friday 16th November at Carmarthen Athletic Rugby Club, please get in touch with carmshockeyclub@gmail.com

You can also follow the success of the clubs charity work on their social media:

Twitter – @CarmsHockeyClub

Facebook – @CarmarthenAthleticHockeyClub

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