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COVID-19: Update

With the ever-changing landscape of COVID-19 we appreciate the patience and understanding of our members and the wider hockey family as Hockey Wales endeavours to do the best for the game in these unprecedented times.

The sporting sector is currently looking at its part in the fight against the pandemic and the effect on playing both safely and responsibly, while recognising the huge importance sport has on well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

With this in mind, we have considered the current restrictions and, while most remain in place, we are able to move the current phase to allow for more variation during training.


We can confirm that, providing a Covid-19 Officer is in place, all member clubs, including those in lockdown areas, are able to move to activity Phase 3 ‘Adapted Contact Training – Enhance readiness for return to contact’ from Tuesday 13 October 2020.

Whilst contact can now take place, social distancing MUST come into effect when possible, particularly during warm-up, team discussions and cool downs.

For more details on this Phase please visit and click on the Return to Play Model.

We currently have several areas in North and South Wales in lockdown, please note that no one should enter or leave the given area to play hockey whilst the restrictions are in place.

We await further information about the Government’s recent announcement about their intention to allow children to cross borders for sport. Until this is provided please do NOT go outside your boundary if you are in local lockdown as this is illegal.


Whilst numbers within a session continue to be limited to 30 as part of one isolated training group, including coaches and club officials; clubs can now have 2 groups on one pitch, each in a designated half – the two groups should not come into contact, this includes coaches and club officials.

Before this new element can be introduced the following must be adhered to:

  • Club Covid officers must have produced a plan for clear facility entry and exit procedures in place to avoid the possibility of the two groups mixing – this must be considered in the club’s risk assessment prior to being implemented.

  • No one group is to exceed 30 in number inclusive of support staff.

  • One group only permitted per half of pitch with a maximum of two groups allowed at any one time. This does not allow for more than 2 separate groups.

  • No spectators permitted at all. Parents only permitted in cases of welfare and safeguarding need where this cannot be met by the usual staffing and protocols of the club.

This phase does not allow for any competitive or friendly matches to take place as groups must NOT mix.

Whilst we enter this new phase cautiously, we are pleased that hockey clubs across Wales have taken on board the guidance and approached each phase with caution and careful consideration.


Hockey Wales welcome questions around COVID-19 and how it affects your club. We regularly update the FAQ’s in the toolkit area of the website based on queries from the membership, so it is advisable that you look here in the first instance.

If your query is not in the FAQ, please speak to your Club COVID-Officer as they are in regular contact with our Club Development Officers and may already have the answer. This will help us respond to questions in a more timely and efficient manner.

Whilst we understand the frustration of the situation, we would ask that, if you do speak to Hockey Wales staff please do so in a polite and courteous manner.

We are dealing with an ever-changing, unknown situation and as an organisation we must understand the impact rules put in place by the Government will have on our sport before we make any decisions. All announcements are made as soon as we are in possession of the most up to date facts and have spoken to all relevant/affected bodies.


It must be remembered that adhering to the maximum of 30 people rule is a Government requirement. To protect our clubs Hockey Wales will be undertaking spot checks on track and trace registers and working with our facility providers to ensure that rules are being adhered to by everyone.

It is important to note that failing to adhere to the guidance may invalidate insurance cover provided.

For more information on the Government Guidance please follow this link


All training MUST take place behind closed doors with no spectator’s present. Additionally, there must be no spectators present at elite games.


Prior to making a return to hockey it is a requirement for your club to appoint a COVID-19 Officer and inform Hockey Wales – to register your COVID-19 Officer click here.

The Officer will fulfil the role of liaising with other clubs, associations, local and National Sporting Organisations and other relevant stakeholders in relation to your organisation’s response to COVID-19, further information on this role can be found here.


We will continue to review the Activity Phase and monitor the necessary advice and guidance as it evolves. We will also look to share good practice with as much notice as reasonably possible given the circumstances.

If you have any further questions please visit or contact your Club Development Officer.

Travel Guidance for Wales and England

Information for travelling in Wales click here

Information for travelling in England click here


Each facility provider would have undertaken their own risk assessment for a safe return to sport. We strongly advise that all clubs engage with facility providers and adhere to their guidelines.

Regional Testing Centres

Should anyone who has attended a club session report Covid-19 symptoms, information on Wales regional testing centres can be found here.

Hockey Wales would like to extend our thanks for your patience and understanding at this time.

For updates and regular information about Hockey Wales please follow:

Twitter @HockeyWales

Instagram @hockey_wales

Facebook @HockeyWales

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