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Updated: Dec 19, 2019

In the first match of Pool C, Wales lost 2-4 to Scotland in a difficult game for Wales.

In the opening moments of the match Scotland gained an opportunity, they hit it wide, but after a Welsh deflection, Cameron Golden bagged the first Scottish goal making it 0 – 1 to the opposition moments into the start of the game.

Wales and Scotland had back to back penalty corners where both teams scrambled for a goal, but they were left equally empty handed. At 6’ Scotland’s Murray Collins earned a green card giving Wales an upper hand on the pitch but the 2-minute time advantage wasn’t quite long enough for Wales to equalise.

Wales conceded a 2nd goal at as 12’ Craig Falconer scored a field goal for Scotland but Wales remained persistent. Hywel Jones and Jacob Draper demonstrated their skillset as they maintained excellent control of the ball as they ran tight to the line down the pitch despite being pressured by Scotland.

Going into the second quarter Wales had another penalty corner, but their attempted deflection shot fell just short of Rupert Shipperley and was blocked by Scotland’s goalkeeper Thomas Alexander. Gareth and Rhodri Furlong worked synonymously to create a break into Scotland’s circle, but with Scotland keeping themselves clustered deep in defence, Wales were unable to get it across the line.

Aidan McQuade of Scotland took a seat on the sidelines at 29’ after receiving a green card. Wales optimised on this opportunity as they broke past Scotland’s defensive line and Shipperley made a superb shot on target but Scotland’s speedy goalkeeper deflected it in a disappointing miss for Wales.  


Whilst Wales maintained 59% possession and had 30% more circle entries than Scotland, the blues managed to optimise on fast breaks, and caught Wales off guard to secure their 3rd goal of the match at 35’ as Nicky Parkes hit the back board.

Jacob Draper and Rupert Shipperley generated turnovers for Wales throughout but it was #19 Owain Dolan-Gray who whipped the ball past the blues to get over the line at 40’ to gain Wales’ first goal of the match, taking the score to 1-3.

At 47’ Wales’ #25 Ben Francis received a green card, leaving Scotland a player up but Wales remained dominant as they took the ball back into possession. Gareth Furlong then prevented Scotland’s 4th goal which was on target as he drove the player outside of the circle, which in turn disallowed the Scottish goal.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be for Wales though as at 53′ Camera Golden eventually got through Wales’ defence to turn the scores 1-4 to Scotland with 7 minutes left on the clock.

Despite the score, the Welsh men soared under the time pressure as determined #8 Lewis Prosser scored Wales’ 2nd goal of the match off of a penalty corner at 59’. Whilst Wales had reduced the goal difference, it wasn’t enough for a win as the score ended 2-4 to Scotland at full time.


Wales face Ireland on Saturday 24th August at 2.45pm (BST) in their final match of the EuroHockey Championship.

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