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Many positive and creative ideas and suggestions are born out of the quarterly POD meetings delivered by Hockey Wales Club Development Officers; however, something particularly pleasing to see is the recent success of the ‘Strengthening School Links’ project.

Hockey clubs located in Mid-South Wales identified this as a priority for their area; leading to a successful grant application from the highly regarded charity, Friends of Welsh Hockey. The grant funded 10 primary school teachers to attend the 4689 course run by Hockey Wales; with each teacher receiving £150 worth of kit free for their school.

With a view to creating more of a hype for hockey across primary schools; the project has also upskilled teachers and ultimately developed the stronger link with schools, the clubs initially set out to achieve.

Friends of Welsh Hockey Chair, Roger Caddick told us:

It’s great the school has embraced the game linking to the school curriculum and generated links with the local Knighton Hockey Club.  It’s just what we are about; helping young people to keep fit and enjoy life’

Knighton Church in Wales Primary School has since set up an after-school club, which averages attendance from 25 children each week. Knighton Ladies hockey club remain in regular contact with the school; extending an invitation to the children to join Hockeyfest this 10th September.

Club Development Officer, Adam Howard:

Having attended the after-school club several times, it’s fantastic to see so many children seeing the benefits of this project. A huge thank you to Rebecca Chidgey for setting up the after school-club; taking full advantage of her 4689 qualification. These partnerships are key when developing sports within rural communities

If you’d like to learn more about the 4689 course run by Hockey Wales please get in touch.

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