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Great Britain Hockey in partnership with England Hockey, Hockey Wales and Scottish Hockey, EIS and UK Sport is delighted to provide you with exclusive details and access to the Talent Development Framework (TDF).

The TDF includes and evolves significant work to date on the ‘how’ of coaching and   provides a common understanding and application of the ‘what’.

The framework is designed  to support the delivery of optimal player development experiences, from early talent development to sub senior context, by delivering bespoke curricula, making best practice common practice and informing the development of future generations of players.

To guide how the sport, practitioners and coaches develop this next generation of hockey players, both on and off the pitch, Great Britain Hockey have developed the Talent Development Framework to:

  1. Provide a common language for the development of players through the talent pathway across Great Britain

  2. Allow for a shared understanding to guide player development

  3. Empower coaches to become the architects of learning environments, and

  4. Offer a reference point for decision-making in the design of coaching practices, training sessions, and development environments

To bring to life Great Britain Hockey’s Talent Development mission statement of “strategically delivering World leading development experiences”, the aim of GB Hockey’s Talent Development Framework is: ‘To allow best practice to become common practice, from early talent development to sub-senior context across GB.’

Head of Performance for Hockey Wales, Dan Clements:

We are really pleased to be launching the talent development framework across Great Britain today, which we are confident will be a fantastic resource for those working with talented hockey players, or those with aspirations to develop their game in Wales. As we strive to deliver a more holistic development experience across Wales, from schools, to clubs and the 360 programme, the TDF will provide a fantastic starting point for coaches, parents and others to provide consistency in how we approach the game here in Wales

To access the Talent Development Framework and associated resources please click here


Monday 5th March – Cardiff – 6.30pm – 8.30pm


Wednesday 28th March – Colwyn Bay – 6.30pm – 8.30pm


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