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Wales Womens O60s seem to be turning heads in Antwerp as they have put out storming performances at their first ever European competition as a squad.

Results from the Womens competition so far have been:

  1. Beat SCO 1-0 GS: Judith williams

  2. Lost ENG 1-4 GS: Kay Tyler

  3. Beat NED 3-0 GS: Kay (2), Jan Poulton

After beating the Netherlands 3-0 in their final pool match, the Women’s 60’s now play in the final v ENG at 10:15 (BST) today.

The mens squads are still up for a medal position finish, with the Men’s 65’s & 70’s both playing in Bronze medal matches today v GER (neither have won an European medal before). The 65’s lost semi v ENG 1-3, which puts them in their Bronze medal match at 10:15 (BST) and 70’s lost semi 0-3 to NED, seeing them play at 08:15 (BST).

Best of luck to all teams competing in their final matches!

Report: Jeff Robinson

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