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Help us improve Coach Development in Wales

Good coaches create confident, skilled players, resulting in great teams and quality, competitive hockey.

It is vital that, as a Governing Body, we support the development of all our coaches so that the standard continues to rise and the game across Wales naturally grows.

Club coaches are an asset of the game; they begin hockey journeys, build on skills and, perhaps most importantly, develop players confidence in their own ability.

Hockey Wales want to ensure that our club coaches are fully supported in their continued development and have programmes in place that reflect their needs.

The Governing Body recently appointed three Coach Development Officers that are working with clubs across Wales to ensure we have a greater insight and a full understanding of how we can assist in the future.

To ensure everyone has a voice Walid Abdo, Jonathan Evans and Tim Hoare are undertaking several fact-finding exercises to understand where we are now and where we want to be in coach development.

Part of this exercise is an online survey so we obtain as many opinions and ideas as possible from those in the know, Jonathan Evans explained,

“It is so important that we get this right for all those out there who dedicate their time to improving our game. Unless we listen to the coaches and understand their needs, we are not going to get the programme right moving forward.

“We have launched this survey to ensure we can capture as many voices as possible because every opinion really does count.”

If you are a hockey coach in a Welsh Club, we want to hear from you, please complete the survey HERE.

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