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Hoci Cymru team up with RALPHH to provide clubs with defibrillators

Hoci Cymru have teamed up with the RALPHH Charity to provide clubs with free defibrillators.

The defibrillators in question are able to be kept pitch side to support during training and matches, and provide a much needed resource for members.


RALPHH have already been working with England Hockey and other NGBs to roll out this provision.

Officially recognised in 2019, the charity completed the gifting or part-funding of 19 defibrillators in the first four years of its existence following its founding in memory of Robert Allen.

Learn more about RALPHH and its full story here.


Defibrillators will be provided free of charge to hockey clubs across Wales, with a maximum of one per club.

There is also a possibility of making a donation in lieu of the device; this can be done through the charity’s website.


Interested clubs should contact

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