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Hoci Gold Gains Momentum

By Sydney Davies.

As the Senior Women’s team Hoci Gold fundraising campaign continues to take momentum, they are working incredibly hard to achieve their target to raise the weight and value of a hockey stick and ball made of gold.

The campaign was the idea of the squad’s Fundraising Group to support their 2021 international calendar and allow them the opportunity to achieve their full potential on the pitch.

(Sian French & Jo Westwood interviewed by Sydney Davies)

I had the wonderful opportunity of catching up with Senior players Sian French and Jo Westwood to hear a little more about the campaign.

Sian and Jo explained how difficult it’s been for the Senior Women to balance work, training and co-ordinate this campaign, but they are really hopeful that all their hard work will pay off and players won’t have to be concerned with the financial burdens of their passion.

The success of this campaign will allow the squad to dedicate all their energy into progressing Welsh women’s hockey on the international stage.

The team evidently missed a significant period of training over the past year and Jo Westwood explained that this campaign has been keeping the team united and motivated throughout lockdown, which will surely benefit their competition season.

Captain Sian French also revealed that that the team are hoping to use Hoci Gold to forge a stronger bond with the wider hockey community in Wales. For example, their tour of hockey clubs in Wales will hopefully bring more interest in watching and supporting all the Welsh hockey squads when they are back in action,

“Hopefully our tour of Welsh Hockey Clubs can bring a little more interest and support for our teams across Hockey Wales, but we also want to build an involvement in hockey for the future”

It was evident that the two players cannot wait to get back to competitive hockey and this fundraising initiative is going to greatly benefit the team as they work towards the European championship this summer.

We wish the senior women’s team all the best with their campaign and cannot wait to support their international endeavours this summer.

You can donate to the #HOCI_GOLD campaign HERE and you can follow the squads progress on their Instagram @HOCI_GOLD.

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