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Hockey Wales’ new partnership with Inclusive Cultures

By Sydney Davies.

Jamie Hooper is no stranger to the organisation as his very first job was a Business Support Officer for Hockey Wales and he has spent many years as an FIH international umpire, so his partnership with the governing body is a real full circle moment.

Jamie has spent over 10 years in equality, diversity and inclusion roles with positions at both Swim England and Sport England, so he has a real depth of experience in this field which Hockey Wales cannot wait to tap into.

This year Jamie set up his own company ‘Inclusive Cultures’ with an aim of supporting the sports sector to create more rounded and inclusive experiences for all involved. His work is initially internally focused so the external factors can, and hopefully will, fall swiftly into place.

Inclusive Culture’s business model is all about being hands on; facilitating inclusion discussion sessions, policy reviews and building partnerships with new organisations to create the change we so badly need.

‘Equality, diversion and inclusion has never been so high up on the agenda’

Jamie really highlights the current importance of his work given the impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had on the sector. The disparity across the UK has been significantly worsened so focusing on equal access to opportunities is now more important than ever.

There are so many areas of the organisation that Jamie is anticipating working on, such as helping to develop the inclusivity of the new performance pathway, working with our Diversity Champions to develop their respective areas of focus but ultimately, he looks forward to embedding Diversity and Inclusion consideration into everyone’s work programme to create a more tolerant work force that will be a leading force for other governing bodies.

This is such important work as the diversity and tolerance of the work force will greatly affect the delivery of hockey across Wales and hopefully will impact many lives. Hockey Wales cannot wait for Jamie to ask the really necessary questions and see Hockey Wales as an organisation improve.

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