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England Hockey, Scottish Hockey and Hockey Wales have announced a new commitment to drive a transformational change in the delivery of coaching across Great Britain. The commitment will ensure a consistent delivery towards coaching; underpinned by a robust GB partnership.

The new commitment aims to develop and support all coaches, boasting a desire to unleash the power of coaching by providing innovating and engaging support and progression to the people who deliver our sport. The partnership will drive a cultural shift in how coach development across Great Britain is delivered, moving to a singular approach under the banner of ‘Great Britain Coaching’

The partnership will see all three Home Nations adopt the following principles:

• Enhanced engagement and increased GB partnership working across the Home Nation’s

• Consistency of coaching strategy philosophy and vision across GB

• Streamlining of systems to improve effectiveness and efficiencies

• Improved standardisation of delivery, including quality assurance

• Coaches feeling part of something special, a sense of belonging towards GB

• Accountability of Home Nation’s to the GB Coaching Strategy

• Delivery of a high-quality coaching offer across GB

The ‘GB Coaching Strategy’ will provide a clear and positive direction for coach development throughout the sport and importantly across Great Britain leading up to 2021, continuing to drive the vision of ‘Coaches that inspire more, better and happier players’

This vision clearly shows that coaches are there to support the players experience of hockey. Be it introducing someone to the game for the first time, working with a club side or engaging with the performance environment across Great Britain. The coach is a critical factor in providing specialised support and guidance aligned to the players individual needs and wants, which will lead to increased participation and international success. 

In December 2018 we will be launching an annual programme of coach development opportunities, commencing in January 2019. To support you in identifying the opportunities that are right for you we’ll also be sharing our interactive ‘GB Coaching Offer’.

England Hockey CEO Sally Munday said:

Working collectively with Scottish Hockey and Hockey Wales, under the banner of GB Coaching, allows another positive step in transforming our coaching offer. This commitment will benefit the ongoing support and development that we are able to provide to coaches, who play such a critical part in our sport in achieving more, better and happier players.

Hockey Wales CEO David Phenis said:

We’re determined to do all we can to improve our coaching offer and we are very grateful for colleagues across Great Britain for the production of such an excellent product. This is a very exciting opportunity to share the vast experience, expertise and resource across all Home Nations to have a truly consistent approach to coaching, with a collective desire to achieve more, better, happier players. The new offer will benefit all coaches working across Wales, whatever level they’re at or environment they’re in as there’s something on offer for everyone.

Scottish Hockey CEO, David Sweetman said:

We’re absolutely delighted to work with our partners at England Hockey and Hockey Wales, under the banner of GB Coaching, to develop an exciting resource for coaches, and drive a consistent approach in the delivery of coaching across Great Britain. This is a great joint-approach across all three nations with a range of resources to enable the development of coaches, and people who want to be coaches.

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