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We’re thrilled to be able to share our exciting new school’s programme, Hooked on Hoci.

As an organisation we’ve worked extensively with schools for a number of years, delivering coach led, fun and interactive hockey sessions. The Hooked on Hoci programme first began its journey weaving through schools last September and has thankfully seen healthy success and growth since its initial launch.

The past 12 months have granted us the opportunity to refine the programme, developing a robust and engaging offer for schools across Wales.

After surveying a sample of schools around a number of key areas, from overall feelings around the programme to the hockey coach’s effectiveness, we’re pleased to confirm the programme received top marks!

One teacher who’d been involved in the Hooked on Hoci programme shared with us:

We had an extremely positive experience working with the coaches through this programme. We are extremely grateful for their flexibility and understanding as sessions were postponed due to the weather conditions. The hockey sessions were able to deliver expert coaching techniques to our children and give them opportunity they would otherwise not have had.

Mid-Wales Club Development Officer and programme lead, Elliot Pottinger expressed his excitement around the official launch of Hooked on Hoci and his hopes moving forward:

The Hooked on Hoci programme is an excellent way to inspire the next generation of hockey players in Wales. Hockey Wales are offering primary schools the opportunity to help their pupils get active and experience excellent quality sessions across the country. We have a number of schools that have signed up already and we can’t wait to get started.

As an organisation we want to be able to engage as many young people as possible with the variety of benefits playing sport brings; preventing the age-old excuses people still use today as rationale for limited to no exercise; leading to unhealthy and inactive lifestyles.

Over the next six weeks, we invite you to follow the journey of Olivia. A young girl embarking on the Hooked on Hoci programme through school. Although Olivia isn’t based on a real-life person, her journey and story could very easily be that of thousands of children across Wales. Follow Olivia’s journey through our Hockey Wales Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

For more information about the Hooked on Hoci programme click here

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