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We’re very excited to be able to share with our members, the recent decision to introduce the new ‘Development Groups’ in place of POD’s. Commencing as of  this evening (Monday 10th September), the groups will focus on delivering a targeted approach, towards relevant and important topics of learning for all hockey clubs across Wales.

The overarching ethos of these groups will continue to champion the spirit of partnerships; driving change at a local level with voices still being heard, but the primary focus will be to offer learning opportunities for different and key members of each club.

Our aim for the Development Groups is to continue to encourage clubs to pursue ideas, ultimately bringing about change that is right for them and vitally for clubs to feel fully supported along the way.

We know coming together as a group, brings about some incredible developments for clubs, two in particular have been the Summer 7’s and the Summer Indoor League, which both were born from clubs collaborating.

South East Club Development Officer, Hannah Bevan shared an insight into the birth of the Summer Indoor League:

Collaboration between clubs remains invaluable, and the Summer Indoor League has been a perfect example of this. Clubs who share the same passion of the sport all wanted to offer more opportunities to play indoor in the off-season, and as a cohort made the league an incredible success. When clubs own the development of hockey in their area with the support and guidance from their Club Development Officers, programmes and initiatives become far more successful as there is full commitment and ownership provided by the clubs, and moving forward Development Groups will continue to offer more opportunities for this to happen alongside the training opportunities.

North Wales Club Development Officer, Tom Little wants to encourage more people to attend the new Development Groups, after the incredible success of the Summer 7’s:

The Summer 7’s has been one of many success stories of club collaboration throughout Wales in recent years. We really value the opportunity to get all of our regional stakeholders together in one room and bounce ideas off of one another. The energy and passion for the sport at each meeting is extremely energising and you only have to look at the scale of the Summer 7’s to see how far this joined up approach can take something. There’s never such a thing as a bad idea, so please come and throw everything you have at us, who knows where we might end up.

Upcoming Development Groups:

  1. North Wales

  2. Mid Wales

  3. South West Wales

  4. South East Wales

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