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This morning at 11am (BST) the Carrara Stadium on the Gold Coast of Australia played host to the stunning opening ceremony of the XXI Commonwealth Games!

Through breath-taking theatre, beautiful visual effects and emotive music and dance; all bursting with colour and culture; the display paraded to the world a show of ‘togetherness’ and ‘Commonwealth spirit’! Brought to life by GC2018 Project and Artistic Director David Zolkwer, you can find out more about the inspiration behind the ceremony this year here.

With the Games now officially open, it’s straight into action for Wales hockey teams, as both line up for their first games on day one of what promises to be 11 incredible days of world-class sporting competition!

The opening match will see Wales’ women’s team go head to head against India at 00:32am (BST) on  Thursday 5th April followed by Wales’ men’s team taking on Pakistan at 10:32am (BST). Hockey schedules can be found below alongside the Australian schedule:

  1. Wales Women Hockey Schedule – GC2018

  2. Wales Men Hockey Schedule – GC2018

  3. Australian Hockey_Schedule

Follow the all the hockey action via our website, social media platforms and through BBC Sport Wales.

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