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Following a week of intense semi-final action, the finalists of the 2018 Men’s Championship, Trophy and Challenge Cup have taken their places!


Cardiff & Met


2 – 2 3 – 0 2 – 3

Whitchurch On Shuffles Swansea UniversityTROPHY

Bridgend Newtown

5 – 1 1 – 6

Swansea University Swansea CityCHAMPIONSHIP

Whitchurch Cardiff & Met

4 – 1 6 – 2

Swansea University Penarth

The eagerly anticipated Cup Finals will now be played on May 5th & 6th. The full schedule will be available ASAP!CHALLENGE

Cardiff & Met v Swansea UniversityTROPHY

Bridgend v Swansea CityCHAMPIONSHIP

Whitchurch v Cardiff & Met

Interested in how the semi-finals went down? Keep reading…


Cardiff & Met v Whitchurch

The first semi-final Challenge match was a local derby between Cardiff & Met and Whitchurch. With Jamie Westerman opening the scoring for Whitchurch, from a penalty corner, in the first quarter and Chris Banning  scoring from a penalty corner in the final minute of the third quarter, Whitchurch were 2 goals ahead going into the final quarter but two field goals in three minutes from Symon Dovey and John Ashton for Cardiff & Met made the score 2 – 2 at full time, resulting in a shootout competition to determine the winner.  The two goal-keepers, Mike Cleverley for Cardiff & Met and Russel Gidney for Whitchurch had 8 seconds for a one-on-one with the opposition, 5 players from each team took up the challenge and with play alternating between the teams, John Ashton, James Campbell and Colin Foad all converted making the final score Cardiff & Met 3 – 0 Whitchurch

Llandudno v Swansea University

The second semi-final Challenge match between Llandudno and Swansea University saw a quiet first quarter before Tom Chadwick opened the scoring for Llandudno, within a minute Tom Child equalised for Swansea University but Tom Chadwick scored again making the score going into the second half, 2 – 1 to Llandudno. Cyrus Wong quickly equalised for Swansea University, with Angus Owen scoring the winning goal in the final quarter to seal victory.  Final score: Swansea University 3 – 2 Llandudno.


Bridgend v Swansea University

In the Trophy, Bridgend played Swansea University.  Rhys Owen scored for Bridgend in the first two quarters and Tim Hodges in the last two quarters.  Cyrus Wong scored a conciliation goal in the fourth quarter for Swansea University before Tim, with assistance from his two brothers, slotted the ball home for his hat trick and a 5th goal for Bridgend.  Final score: Bridgend 5 – 1 Swansea University

Swansea City v Newtown

Ollie Wheeler opened the scoring for Swansea City, in the second minute of their Trophy match against Newtown, Rhys Griffiths then scored Swansea’s second before Ollie converted two penalty corners, one in the last minute of the second quarter and the other in the first minute of the third quarter,  Ollie then scored his fourth, from open play, towards the end of the third quarter, Rhys scored another in the final quarter and with two minutes to go Jack Williams scored for Newtown making the final score Swansea City 6 – 1 Newtown


Whitchurch v Swansea University

Michael Venn opened the scoring for Whitchurch in the first of the Championship semi-finals, but Ollie Edwards quickly equalised for Swansea University.  Jonny Fleck scored from a penalty corner for Whitchurch in the 43rd minute, with Michael Venn scoring his second goal and Robert Williams scoring from a penalty corner the full time result was Whitchurch 4 – 1 Swansea University

Cardiff & Met v Penarth

In the final 2018 semi-final match field goals from Charles Hunte and Jack MacLean saw Cardiff & Met 2 goals ahead going into the second half.  Ben Croxall pulled a goal back for Penarth in the third quarter but with Jack MacLean scoring from a penalty corner Cardiff & Met were 3 – 1 ahead going into the final quarter.  Ben Croxall scored again for Penarth but Cardiff & Met pulled out the stops resulting in a penalty corner goal for Sam Windsor-Lewis as well as field goals for Jack Valentine and Tom Wood to make the final score Cardiff & Met 6 – 2 Penarth

Special thanks to: John Taylor (TD) and Mark Staunton (UM) and their team or officials (Alex Ibrahim, Alice Gregory, Darren Lock, Ian Wright, Jane Price, Kloe Jarvis, Meg Hooper, Linda Treharne) and umpires (Christian Phillips-Adams, David Leighton, David Skirrow, Jaime Hindle, Joe Turner, Jon McCall, Jon Prince, Luke Rees, Mike Riches, Rob Roberts, Steve Cox), Irfon Bennett (Photographer)

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