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It’s an exciting time for the Welsh Hockey Umpires Association as they bring to life a fresh approach across all level one umpiring courses.

WHUA Chair, John Taylor recently shared the news that every individual embarking on a level one umpiring course will benefit from the experience and support of a dedicated level two or above mentor. This new buddy system will undoubtedly form an integral part, the umpire’s pathway; allowing them unique opportunity to ask questions of their well-experienced and highly knowledge mentor.

Talking to Taylor on the back of this encouraging news, he shared some of the key benefits, a programme like this will have when it goes into force.

At the forefront, it’ll help improve the quality of our umpires at a much earlier stage in their development, meaning we’ll see better decision making and confidence in abilities sooner. The mentoring programme will also help us to identify new talent to progress through the ranks.

Taylor hopes this new addition to all level one courses will ultimately encourage more people to give the course a go!

One of the things that was made clear from the clubs, was the lack of support for new umpires following them taking part in the level 1 course.  Hopefully, this new mentoring scheme will not only help address that but give new umpires a point of contact within the organisation who can help them out as they progress to their full qualification.

Jim Marchant, current NPUA Level 3 Umpire, is one of the new ‘mentors’ He told us:

The game is fast and changeable requiring umpires to develop with each game. The opportunity to contact another, be it mentor or colleague, is fundamental to sharing learning points and experience. I learnt from others and relish the opportunity to assist “younger” umpires. Developing others, ensuring appropriate support, umpiring can be a great way to remain in hockey with opportunities to develop potentially to International commitments.

The WHUA are always on the lookout for umpires who are wishing to progress their umpiring skills; if this is of interest to you then please get in touch with

Jon McCall (South Wales)

Chloe McCall (South Wales)

Ian Wright (North Wales)

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