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Tuesday 27 June saw a fantastic performance from the newly formed o60’s Women’s Masters team. The game marked the start of the o60’s journey; being the first game the team had ever played together. Until now numbers haven’t been there to form a team!

Being able to play a team like Australia as their debut match would of been a privilege most will never experience. Wales played Australia and drew over both games; Tuesday saw a 1-1 draw followed by a 0-0 on Wednesday morning. The team will now enter the trial stages in November with a view to entering tournaments as a squad.


The last weekend of June saw Wales Men’s Masters (o60’s, o65’s and o70’s) play in their Home Nations Tournament. The results were disappointing for Wales; however in most games much improvement had been made; with many goals by the opposing teams being made during the second half.

Friday 30 June

  1. o60’s: Wales 1 – Ireland 2 – Goal scored by Mike Powell of Whitchurch HC.

  2. 065’s: Wales 1 – Ireland 0 – Goal scored by Phil Withers of Reading

  3. o70’s: Wales 0 – Scotland 1

Saturday 1 July 

  1. o60’s: Wales 1 – Scotland 2 – Goal scored by Adrian Williams of Ross HC

  2. o65’s: Wales 0 – Scotland 2

  3. o70’s: Wales 0 – Australia 3

Sunday 2 July 

  1. o60’s: Wales 1 – England 9 – Goal from Steve Sparked of Cardiff & Met.

  2. o65’s: Wales 1 – England 4 – Goal from Ramesh Gangotra, Indian Gymkhana

  3. o70’s: Wales 0 – England 4

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