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Pathway Activity Postponed until January 2021

We are now in a very serious situation regarding the rise in COVID-19 across the country and, as a result, the restrictions are ever-changing and being monitored very closely.

Following the most recent Welsh & UK Government updates, the difficult decision has been taken to postpone all pathway activity until January 2021 at the earliest. For clarity, this includes 360 centres, the new Regional Performance centres and also National Age Group programme activity.

It is important that our sport make every effort to play their part and continue to comply with the law and guidance put in place by the Government.

Head of Pathway Kevin Johnson explained the decision,

“As a Governing Body, people’s safety is paramount, and it is our responsibility to ensure that we attempt to reduce the amount of people from different contact groups and different bubbles coming together at this precarious time.

“The important thing for our young players now is to ensure they are safe and able to keep within both their educational and club hockey settings until we are satisfied the present risk is reduced.

“We also have a responsibility to all staff on these programmes and the expectations that may be placed on them to travel and attend all activity.

“By postponing we will also ensure we are providing a fair and equitable pathway, as those who may be affected by local lockdowns, travel restrictions or accommodation issues will begin at the same time as everyone else and not see their opportunities reduced or minimised which we feel can could create unnecessary worry and anxiety.”

Whilst the pathway is postponed, Hockey Wales will still be opening the sign up for the programmes in the very near future, so everything is in place and ready to go as soon as we are able to safely move forward and information on how to go about this will be publicised shortly.

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