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Updated: Apr 1, 2020

The start of a New Year always brings a sense of curiosity and excitement towards the endless possibilities ahead. For hockey, 2019 will be bringing you that feeling in the bucket load!

On Wednesday 16th January, Penarth Ladies Hockey Club will see the eagerly anticipated launch of the very first Flyerz Hockey section in Wales! After an extended period of planning, coaching and volunteering training, Penarth Ladies are officially ready to welcome their first Flyerz players into the fold; embarking on an exciting new journey for para-hockey in Wales.

Flyerz Hockey first launched onto the scene back in July when our National Hockey Centre in Cardiff welcomed students from Riverbank and St Cyres School. The launch marked the beginning of an inclusive pathway and a view to fielding our first ever Wales Para-Hockey squad in the Para-Hockey Championships taking place in Antwerp next year!

What is Flyerz Hockey?

Against the background of the main format of the sport, the FIH is keen to present Flyerz Hockey (also known as Para-hockey) as a game which is adaptable, based on a smaller number of players, with simplified rules and the pathway for players with a learning disability.

Welsh Internationals and Flyerz Ambassadors, Ella Jackson and Jo Westwood expressed their delight around this exciting new club section.

“Seeing Flyerz Hockey sessions being launched in Penarth Ladies HC is hugely exciting and another great step exhibiting hockey’s inclusivity. With Penarth being my first club, I’m extremely proud that they are allowing hockey to become accessible to everyone. I’m looking forward to seeing it take off.” Ella Jackson

“The start of something new and big is happening at Penarth Ladies HC, having their first ever Flyerz section. I’m excited to be part of this initiative and that a club in Wales is becoming the platform to create opportunities for all keen hockey players.” Jo Westwood

Flyerz wouldn’t be where it is now without the integral support of Access Sport. Flyerz Hockey Project Manager, Libby Nichols talked fondly around the future Flyerz could have across Wales:

“Access Sport is thrilled to support the growth of Flyerz hockey in Wales. We continue to be impressed with the high level of engagement, thoughtfulness and dedication to make Welsh clubs fully inclusive of disabled people. Penarth Flyerz will lead the way for other clubs to follow in their footsteps and join the Flyerz movement. We have no doubt that with the passion and enthusiasm from the Hockey Wales team that Flyerz will continue to grow throughout the country, impacting hundreds of players, families and clubs along the way. Thanks to our funding from Spirit of 2012, the Flyerz hockey project looks forward to continuing to build our relationship with Hockey Wales to grow the game and make the sport of hockey inclusive of everyone.”

For further information about the Flyerz programme or how to get involved please contact Club Development Officer Gabby Doyle.

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