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Senior Players Worth Their Weight in Gold! #HOCI_GOLD Campaign Launches

The Welsh Senior Women’s squad are making the most of this lockdown and focusing their unrivalled teamwork on a new type of campaign. #HOCI_GOLD is an online campaign developed to raise much needed income to support the team’s ambition on the World stage.

The target of the campaign is to raise the weight and value of a hockey stick and ball made of gold within a two-month concentrated fundraiser. The idea was created by the squad’s Fundraising Group, made up of Welsh stars, Emily Rowlands, Sian French, SJ Thorburn, Sara Davies, Hannah Cozens, Sophie Robinson, Jo Westwood, Nell Butler and Ella Jackson.

The campaign headquarters will be the newly launched Hoci Gold Instagram page, @HOCI_GOLD, but you will see posts and updates from all the players across their own social media platforms, as well as regular updates from Hockey Wales during the two month fundraiser.

The squads Fundraising Group have worked incredibly hard to get the #HOCI_GOLD campaign underway utilising experience from their ‘day jobs’ to create and manage the whole thing, including design skills from forward Sophie Robinson (@sophiedrobinson) who has achieved 38 caps for her country.

A spokesperson for the Fundraising Group explained the reason for the campaign,

“We are really excited to be launching the campaign and hope it will go a long way to help all our athletes for the coming International season after what has been an incredibly hard year for everyone.

“We always want to make Wales proud, but it is particularly important we come back after this last year with real passion and focus. We always receive so much support that, to be able to give the Hockey Family a real lift, would be brilliant.”

Hannah Bevan, Executive Lead for Hockey Wales, has been working with the Group on ways the Governing Body can offer support in getting the campaign underway and is really looking forward to seeing how it develops over the coming weeks,

“This is a great opportunity for the squad to use their profiles to seek support from local businesses and the wider hockey family for their upcoming international season. Even though they have had very little pitch time over the past few months, they are showing great team spirit and resilience.

“We are delighted to be able to offer support and work with them to promote what promises to be a great campaign.”

The squad are appealing to the Hockey Family to get behind the campaign - a simple re-post, tag, mention to friends, colleagues or customers and a one-time donation of circa £10 would help enormously.

You can donate to the #HOCI_GOLD campaign HERE and you can follow the squads progress on their Instagram @HOCI_GOLD.

Thank you for your support!

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