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Over the last six weeks, we’ve invited all of you to help shape the future direction of hockey across Wales, by opening up and sharing with us, many of your most memorable hockey experiences! From present day to years gone by, we’ve asked you to share the good, the bad and the ugly! Whether you share an experience from your school days or one from last nights club training…they all count towards helping us make our sport the best it can be!

Any story shared with us during this initiative remains anonymous and confidential, but some members have kindly given us permission to use their story to encourage others to take part. We’re publishing excerpts of three stories here: two that made us feel good, and another that gives us pause for thought.

How do these stories make you feel? Do they resonate with your experience of our sport? Do you have a different experience that needs to be heard? This initiative aims to stimulate a constructive and inclusive debate – we want to hear your story of our game.

Hockey is for all!

“…The children who participated in Flyerz during its launch day began with little to no hockey experience, and some of them didn’t want to get involved. However, by the end of the day, every child had the biggest smile on their face and wanted to continue to play more. The fact that these children don’t often get to participate in sports made me realise how lucky I am with the opportunities available to me, and that I should continue to work towards improving the inclusivity of the sport…”

It’s never too late!

“…I came across an advert for walking hockey and as the grand age of 50 passed a few years back and the body was calling out for some sort of exercise I decided to investigate. On taking part in the first session it gave me the feel of a real workout or should I admit the results showed my lack of fitness. I had great fun taking part but was frustrated in chasing the ball at walking pace. One or two of the coaches obviously realised my frustration and asked me if I would like to join their ladies hockey club. …I am still with the club and signed on as a member, I have played two games and looking forward to the rest of the season, hopefully playing a few more games. The club has made me feel very welcome and I am glad that I have found them. I hope I don’t hold them up due to my lack of fitness, but this will get better I’m sure bearing in mind I am playing with girls of ages that could relate to my grandchildren! They are all lovely and I would like to thank Hockey Wales for my opportunity.”

Will Hockey Wales fund a Mid Wales pitch?

“…I am from Aberystwyth, a former university student and find it incredibly annoying to see that there have been no Mid Wales funding grants to keep the sport alive across the country. I know for a fact that 5 teams have had to pull out of Saturday league hockey and approximately this has stopped over 50 people adults and juniors from playing hockey. Simply I would like to see Hockey Wales step up their game and think about the country as a whole instead of focusing all of their funding in a new water base in Cardiff/Swansea. It is Hockey Wales not Hockey Cardiff. In Aberystwyth we have had national league players come through here and for them not be able to play consistently let alone play their sport, in my opinion it’s sheer stupidity…”

Overall, we’rehearing an equal balance of stories about the things people like and don’t like! We welcome all stories and ask you continue to share them with us. In order for change to happen you need to use your voice and speak up about your experiences so the future of hockey can reflect the best version of itself.


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