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After a disappointing result in Fridays game against Rotweiss, Swansea were determined to get a good result in their second game against Edinburgh University.

Both teams started strong, with Edinburgh coming all guns blazing at the Spartans with their high press. Despite this, they were unable to break the Swansea defence and the first quarter ended 0-0.

Similarly, to the first, the second quarter was fairly even with both teams having chances to score and go ahead in the game. Just before the end of the second quarter Edinburgh managed to break through the Swansea defence and put one away meaning they were set to go into the second half being 1-0 up. Swansea were riled by conceding a disappointing goal, however this only made them more committed to get the next goal and get back into the game. Only a minute after going 1-0 down, Swansea were straight back in Edinburgh’s 25’ and putting them under immense pressure. After very good attacking play, the ball was put into the 5 yard area of the D making it very difficult for Edinburgh to defend. Luckily for Swansea, it was Beth Fisher who was first to receive the ball and had plenty of time to hit the ball on target where Livvy Hoskins was able to deflect the ball in the back of the net.

First half finished 1-1.

The Spartans started the second half very strong and were able to win a lot of ball in the press, making it almost impossible for Edinburgh to break through. Unfortunately, Swansea were unable to capitalise on this and the score remained 1-1 with the final quarter still to play.

Both teams had chances in the final quarter to put the game to bed, however neither were able to convert. Swansea were put under a lot of pressure in the final 5 minutes and were unable to get out of their 25. The Spartan went down to 10 men after Kathryn Mee was carded for a bad tackle just outside their 25. Despite this, Swansea were able to weather the storm and did not concede anything in the final minutes of play.

The final score was 1-1, meaning Swansea’s next match against the Russians is a crucial one to win in order to play for promotion.

Spartans Manager John Dunn shared a few words with us.

The team played outstandingly today and worked for each other. Really proud of the whole team.  Toby has worked hard to prepare the girls for each game. Looking for continued success.

MoM: Lauren Dunn

Match Report by: SJ Thorburn 

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