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Sport Wales funding can support clubs to get set up with Hoci Cymru partner Veo 

Hoci Cymru recently signed a partnership with livestreaming specialists Veo, and hockey clubs across Wales can access funding opportunities to get started. 

Veo challenges the idea that sports t

echnology is only for the elite. Hence, they aim to make sports technology accessible to all, to help every player and team take their game – and their sport – up a level.   

Hoci Cymru will work with the hockey community to enhance the use of Veo across clubs and help them to increase the visibility of the sport and enhance coaching and playing ability. 

To kick things off, there is a £200 discount on offer for our hockey clubs looking to get started with Veo. The discount available when you sign up using your email. The discount can be applied when clubs purchase a Veo subscription and tripod. 

You can learn more and get started here

Clubs can also benefit from the funding opportunities at Sport Wales to support with the costs of Veo technology.  

A Place for Sport – Crowdfunder allows clubs in Wales to engage with their community and raise money. If clubs or community organisations can raise money towards a targeted goal, Sport Wales will pledge funds up to 50% towards the given project.  

This fund supports clubs with off-field improvements.  

To get started with A Place for Sport – Crowdfunder, visit the Sport Wales website here.  

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