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As the Europeans draw to a final close for the Grandmaster men and women, the final day saw the 60’s women compete for a silver or gold medal whilst both 65s and 70s men played for a bronze medal.

70s lost 3/4 play-off to Germany 1-3 with the goal coming from Ben Johnson and although they narrowly missed out on the bronze medal, this is their highest Euro or World finish since founded in 2016.

65s lost 3/4 play-off to Germany 3-4 with goals from Steve Sparkes, Zahid Arain and Ian Johnson. Given key goal scorers Steve Sparkes and Ian Johnson played most of tournament carrying injuries and Peter Cowens missed the last two or three matches this is a great performance and the first Euro top four finish by a Wales 60+ side.

Finally, the Women 60s lost 0-5 to England who are undefeated for some years but a SILVER MEDAL in their first ever tournament having indeed only played one international (the week before) is a fantastic achievement and the first Euro or World Silver for any Wales team at 60+. Indeed, they held England top 0-0 at half-time but greater fitness, tournament experience and skill so England dominate the second half.

Congratulations to all squads on their European success!

Report: Jeff Robinson.

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