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The 'Walking Hockey' sensation strikes Wales!

Yes, you read it right, Walking Hockey! It’s the latest craze scooping the interest of people from all walks of life (see what we did there) across the UK. An initiative born out of someone wanting to continue playing the sport but finding regular hockey too much, the concept has matured and caught on fast, recently celebrating its one-year anniversary. The benefits of Walking Hockey really are vast; from serving up some gentle, moderate exercise to combating loneliness through socialising with new friends. We’ve heard tea, coffee and the occasional biscuit are commonly part of the equation! Further benefits include playing in a fun, relaxed environment, which supports positive mental health and overall good wellbeing. So, as you can see the benefits are a plenty! In addition, initiatives like Walking Hockey tap into the wider goals of health and wellbeing agendas, outlined by organisations such as Sport Wales and the Welsh Government meaning it’s vitally important that variations of sports such as this are identified and nurtured through to fruition and sustainability. Club Development Officer for Hockey Wales, Amanda Roberts expressed her delight around the recent development of Walking Hockey within the Carmarthen area of Wales.

It’s been so encouraging to see such a positive response to the idea of Walking Hockey. Every single person who has become involved has only had positive things to share with us, which has been so refreshing. I’m really hopeful the momentum the clubs here are creating will continue, leading to fresh faces joining on a regular basis and more and more people seeing and feeling the benefits of Walking Hockey

Conveying their fondness of their new-found sport, members of the Carmarthen Hockey Cluster invited others to just give it a go, join a session and see whether it’s something you enjoy. Interested in finding out more about how to effectively embed a Walking Hockey offer into your club? You’ll find some great start tips here or you can contact our Hockey Wales, National Lead for Initiatives Tom Little.

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