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Sarah Jones is one of the most established members of both the Wales and GB set up.

The midfielder played her first Senior game for Wales against Scotland in 2011 and has been a permanent feature in the squad ever since racking up an impressive total of 96 caps, including two Commonwealth Games appearances in both 2014 in Glasgow and 2018 at the Gold Coast.

Jones was called into the GB cycle in 2016 and made her debut during the 2018 Champions Trophy. Having scored on her GB International debut against Argentina, she has become a mainstay of the team achieving 29 caps.

Following lockdown Jones returned to play with both GB and Holcombe, her club of 5 years, and the focus and drive that we have been privileged to witness throughout her playing career came into play once again.

Sarah truly embraced being back on the pitch for GB when she was selected to play in all four recent FIH Pro League matches against the Netherlands and Belgium, showing incredible attacking play and being rewarded with a great goal in the first of two games against Belgium,

“When we went back to training earlier in the summer, I really appreciated how much I had missed hockey and the sense of normality it brings to my routine.

“At first [GB] training was a bit strange as we were in bubbles, so we didn’t get to see some of our teammates, but as restrictions began to lift and we moved closer to the Pro League games the excitement definitely built up.

“Getting out on the pitch to play competitive hockey both for my club and GB has been brilliant. Whilst I have always appreciated being able to do what I love every day; it is only when it is taken away do you fully understand its true value.”

Sarah brings a huge amount of experience and drive to her sport. In matches she is well known for being a formidable team player and for her combative style in attack, but throughout the summer we witnessed how she utilises her passion for the sport to encourage others to get involved, not least with her lockdown antics on zoom sessions with Flyerz Hockey,

“It is great that I am able to do what I love every day and to be able to use my passion for the game to get others involved.

“Not being able to play throughout lockdown was hard for everyone, so if I was able to help people continue their enjoyment of the game while we all got through that tricky time then that’s good.”

This season has seen Sarah join forces with her new sponsor, Niche.

Niche are an award-winning firm of Chartered Financial Planners based in Newport, providing independent financial advice with a focus on lifetime financial planning. They also provide regulated financial advice to many professional sports teams and individuals across the country, helping them plan for their careers now and their lives beyond sport.

Speaking about the partnership Matt Wiltshire, Chartered Financial Planner and Managing Director of Niche, explained,

“Everyone at Niche goes above and beyond to ensure our clients receive a great service, and Sarah does exactly the same within her sport. Her incredible work ethic and dedication demonstrates this partnership is the perfect fit, and we are all really looking forward to supporting Sarah in her ambitions for the coming season.”

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