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Wales depart the 2018 Men’s Indoor EuroHockey Championship III, having secured a well fought fourth place, after a competitive final match against Scotland.

The young squad took on tournament winners Belarus in the opening match; falling 4 goals behind early on, to a fast, powerful and well drilled Belarusian side. Some slight tweaks to tactics saw the team step up their intensity; and make the game a real contest. James Carson bagged two goals during the second half, forcing a 6-2 result.

Spirits remained high for the squad during their second game against Slovenia, which ended 2-2; described by Head Coach for the tournament, Lee Ible as a good performance but too many missed opportunities cost them a win.

Unmasking an improved level of intensity during day two of the tournament, Wales appeared more threatening in their attack against Slovakia; concluding in a 4-4 draw. A clear advancement on their 5-3 loss against them the last time the teams met.

The day drew to a close on a high after the team played their highest scoring match of the tournament. Dominating against tournament hosts Cyprus, Wales lashed out an impressive 14-0 win; which saw Will Riley, Kit Cutter, Jolyon Morgan, Ben Clague and Mike Wood score first time goals as seniors.

An early start to the third and final day of the tournament saw Wales deliver a punishing 10-0 win to a strong-willed, tenacious Greece; leading them confidently into the final match against neighbouring Scotland. The game commenced with two early goals from the Scots putting Wales under immediate pressure, which Ible explains the team acknowledged and responded with fierce determination towards however bronze was not meant to be this time, with the match ending 4-0 to Scotland.

Head Coach for the tournament, Lee Ible expressed his opinion on the tournament

“Overall it was a good tournament for the team. The results are a fair reflection of where we are as an indoor group, and I am sure the experience will stand all the squad in good stead as they move forward in the senior men’s programme. We improved our performance with every single game, putting in more and more effort and intensity, which has to be commended.”

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