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Wales take first game from Poland

The first of three games against Poland has been won by the Welsh woman.

The first quarter saw Leah Wilkinson score on the back of an early penalty corner. Leah who won her 134th cap during this game explained how even though Wales won, it shows how much their standards have raised over recent years for the team to still feel disappointed they didn’t play better. Leah: “We were sloppy in places and made some silly mistakes but tomorrow will be a completely different game; from both us and Poland”.

The second half continued to display some great opportunities from both Wales and Poland. Poland played a young squad; missing some experienced players. It was clear they looked forward and created a number of opportunities; with a few close calls.

Jo Westwood furthered Wale’s lead by 2-0 during the second half; with Sarah Jones then securing the win with a fantastic third and final goal. Sarah said “it felt good to win but we didn’t play as well as any of us would of liked. We’re trying out a couple of new things to develop the way we’re playing but feeling confident. The crowd were a great support, really cheering us on”. 

After the game, the women’s coach Kev Johnson shared his thoughts “Overall good result but we need to play better! Our performance needs more than we gave today. Going forward we’ll be looking to create more chances and more circle entry”. When asked if he was proud of the women he commented “Very proud. The effort they put into the game when not playing so well is testament to how hard they want this. This evening they played against a team that ranks higher than them but they came through well”.

Wales play Poland again tomorrow (Saturday 24 June) at 4pm. 

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